About The Castle Library

A Royal Proclamation

The Queen wishes to bestow aid to parents and teachers who wish to bring stories to life, whether it’s picture books, easy readers or novels. Within these tomes, Royal Subjects will find practical ideas, activities and hidden treasures to go along with the quality literature found here in The Castle Library.

Did You Know?
More than one-third of all juvenile offenders read below the fourth grade level.  (Adolescent Literacy: A National Reading Crisis)

Did You Also Know?
If a parent models being a high-frequency reader, their child is six times more likely to be a high-frequency reader, as well. (Kids & Family Reading Report 2008)

A love for reading does not come naturally for young readers. This must be fostered, and not left strictly to the educational establishment to accomplish this daunting task. The Queen understands that Instructors and Parents, alike, are in need of resources to help young minds find relevance and enjoyment in the books they read.

Visit with the Queen every Monday as she opens the library to present a new book to her loyal subjects. Return on Wednesday for Adventure Activity Ideas which will correspond with the featured book. On Friday, venture into the Author’s Arena to meet the great scribes and artists behind these fine pieces of literature.

Additional lesson plan activities, geared for teachers, homeschoolers and parents will be offered in the Marketplace for a nominal fee.

Please see the Queen’s Reviewer Policy tab if you are interested in providing your book for her consideration.

Thank You and Happy Reading,
Queen Jackie