Monday, January 5, 2015

Noodles and Albie by Eric Bennet

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The Queen here with a new book feature for your reading pleasure.
Noodles and Albie is a fun, adventure story about friendship. The artwork is beautifully done and provides much to look at. And the story is both touching and meaningful.

Please check it out.
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Author: Eric Bennett
Illustrator: Liz Bannish

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Book Information:
Publisher and date: Small Batch Books (November 4, 2014)
Reading level: Ages 4-8
Book Info: 32 pages (hardback and e-book)
Genre: fiction picture book

Book Theme:
Penguins, friendship, the sea, adventure

Book Summary
Noodles and Albie
- By Eric S Bennett
 Illustrations by Liz Bannish. A penguin tale of friendship and coming of age. It's the story of a young penguin named Noodles on his first (very memorable) adventure at sea in the mysterious Southern Ocean. When his fun takes a turn and Noodles discovers he is lost, he tries to find his way home before darkness sets in, meeting an interesting cast of characters along the way. Noodles has nearly given up when he meets a friendly fish named Albie who knows the sea "like the back of my fin." They begin the journey together. But will they make it home to the penguin colony before dark? This charming and imaginative story is set against a backdrop of beautifully intricate watercolor illustrations that help bring the story to life.

Activity Adventures:

Find several lesson ideas and coloring pages here
Here’s a large, 5 day thematic unit on Penguins

Writing Prompts:
Pick a character from the story and put them in their own story. Who is your favorite? If you could be a sea animal, what would you be? Write about it.

Discussion Questions:
Read the story behind the making of this book. Talk about what prompted Mr. Bennet to bring his story to the world.
Sometimes we have stories lurking inside us. What fears or worries keep us from sharing them with others? What are ways to overcome those fears and let you talents shine?

Authors Arena

Author: Eric Bennett
Growing up in Queens, New York, Eric Bennett's passion for penguins began
as a kid. Shortly after graduating Queens College he opened the world's first all-penguin shop, and eventually his penguins found a home at his online igloo at Eric presently lives in Northampton, Mass, with his daughters and a few hundred penguins.

Illustrator: Liz Bannish
Liz Bannish was raised in land-locked West Springfield, Massachusetts. She received her BFA from the University of Massachusetts/Amherst and currently lives in Northampton. Bannish spends her time making art, exploring strange new worlds, and thinking about her favorite sea creatures. See more of her work at

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