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Young Chicken Farmers by Vickie Black

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The Queen here with a fascinating non-fiction book for young farmers. Young Chicken Farmers, to be exact.  Vickie Black breaks down how to raise chickens so that children can understand. The book if full of wonderful pictures and easy to read details on what's required in caring for fowl. 

Since this isn't a book for pure enjoyment, or basic learning, I have no crafty ideas to share this week. Use this book if you want to teach your children about farming. The best way to learn is to let them do it. To enhance the experience, encourage them to keep a Chicken Journal of their discoveries each day while raising their own chicken.
Book Title: Young Chicken Farmers

Book Information:

Publisher and date: Beaver's Pond Press (November 1, 2012)
Reading level:
Book Info:Hardcover: 32 pages
Genre: Non-fiction picture book
ISBN-13: 978-159298555

Book Theme:
Raising chickens, how to care for fowl, types of fowl, aimed for young farmers.

Book Summary
Young Chicken Farmers: Tips for Kids Raising Backyard Chickens focuses on basic aspects of care from the time baby chicks arrive until hens start laying eggs.  The book has color photographs on every page of kids interacting with their pet chickens, and is best suited for children ages three to eight years old.

Activity Adventures:
Resources from Author's blog:
My favorite website is They can ship as few as 3 chicks at a time. You’ll find all kinds of chicken supplies and an AWESOME variety of HELP topics.
Another great website is Lots of fun stories and photos from other chicken lovers.

If possible, try raising a few chickens. Fresh eggs are wonderful and the experience children will get from learning to care for another creature can be life changing, while teaching them responsibility, compassion, and patience.

Authors Arena

Vickie Black is a wife, mother, and proud backyard chicken farmer. A resident of MN, she has a bachelor’s of science, a master’s of education, and works as a marketing consultant. The family got their inspiration for raising chickens while visiting a local pumpkin patch that had a small flock. Her husband Jason built their coop in the garage over the winter, with the help of their two boys, Brady and Hudson. The family loves the entertainment and fresh eggs that the chickens provide.

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