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Spiky, Slimy, Smooth- What is Texture by Jane Brocket

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The Queen here with a touchingly fun book titled: Spiky, Slimy, Smooth- What is Texture by Jane Brocket. Brocket seems like a quiet soul who loves color, beauty and simplicity. Her photography is stunning. Check out her blog and many other books on quilting, foods, and engaging the senses. 

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Author and Photographer: Jane Brocket                                                                                                       

Book Information:

Publisher and date: Millbrook Press (April 1, 2011)
Reading level: 4 and up
Book Info: Library Binding: 30 pages
Genre: Non-fiction picture book
ISBN-13: 978-0761346142

Book Summary
Soft, gooey, fluffy, prickly--textures are all around us. What clever words will you use to describe the textures pictured in this book? Jane Brocket's appealing photography and simple, whimsical text give a fresh approach to a topic all young children learn about.

Activity Adventures:

Since there's no reason to recreate the wheel, I've did a quick search on lesson ideas for teaching textures. I'm sure you'll find all sorts of fun activities in the links below. 

Lesson Ideas for Texture:
Texture Theme Activities
Kid's Activity blog
Texture Scavenger Hunt (for older children)
Pinterest Board on Texture lesson Ideas

We learn everywhere we go: the farmer's market, a petting zoo, the grocery store, the park, and the list goes on and on. Provide children with a small notebook they can carry in a pocket. Think of the different types of Textures such as smooth, rough, slimy, squishy, ect. Write the descriptive word at the top of a page. 

Now, throughout the day, as your children encounter these different textures, have them list what types of items they found that were smooth, rough, squishy, ect. For younger children who aren't writing yet, simply have them make a tally mark under the correct descriptive words.

At the end of the day, or week... however long you wish to play this game, award prizes for the ones who either came up with the most creative descriptive terms, who found the most rough or scratchy things, who listed the most items that were smooth. However you wish to do this. Thie point is to get them searching and finding and thinking about textures and how to describe the various textures we encounter during a day.

Authors Arena

Jane Brocket is the author of The Gentle Art of Domesticity (2007) and The Gentle Art of Quiltmaking (2010) and of two books based on the wonderful things characters eat and do in classic children's books: Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer (2008) and Ripping Things to Do (2009)--a selection of the pieces in these two books has been collected into one volume for the US as Turkish Delight and Treasure Hunts (Perigee, 2010). She is currently writing a series of four Clever Concepts books for Millbrook Press. She has a knitting book to be published in 2011 and two more craft books in the pipeline.

Jane enjoys knitting, quilting, sewing, baking, growing flowers, and taking photographs of the things she makes as well as details of the world around her. She loves color, pattern, texture, shapes, and objects. And, above all, she love books and reading.

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