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I'll Save You BOBO! by Eileen and Marc Rosenthal

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The Queen here with a fun adventure that's sure to spur your child's imagination. I'll Save You BOBO! by Eileen and Marc Rosenthal shows the trials of trying to be creative when your pet wants to play.

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Book Title: I'll Save You Bobo!
Author: Eileen Rosenthal                                                                                                              
Illustrator: Marc Rosenthal

Book Information:

Publisher and date: Atheneum Books for Young Readers (April 3, 2012)
Reading level: Ages 3 and up
Book Info: Hardcover: 40 pages
Genre: Children's Picture Book
ISBN: 978-1442403789

Book Summary
The irresistible stars of I Must Have Bobo! return in another everyday adventure in domestic disharmony!

Willy wants to write a storybook starring Bobo—and act out revenge fantasies on Earl—but Earl keeps wrecking the story (hence the desire to act out revenge fantasies!). Quit it, Earl…and stop stealing Bobo!

But sometimes it only takes a small thing to realize that even sworn enemies have something in common. For instance: Bobo and Earl both have very snakey tails! Is that a truce? Don’t count on it.

Activity Adventures:

Crafty Ideas:
Draw a picture of your favorite character having an adventure: Put them on a pirate boat, a jungle, in space... Use your imagination.

Writing Prompts:
Find your favorite toy. Now, pick a place... jungle, ocean on a ship, or any other place you can imaging. Next, think of a terrible bad guy. With all this you have the makings of a story. Now write it!

Authors Arena

Author and Illustrator: from
 A sock monkey has never come between Eileen and Marc Rosenthal.  Unlike Willy and Earl, the couple enjoys working together (and even sharing).  Marc is the creative mind behind Archie and the Pirate and Phooey.  Eileen and Marc live in the Berkshires with their family.

Marc Rosenthal is the illustrator of many books for children including  I Must Have Bobo, The Straight Line Wonder by Mem Fox and Phooey, which he wrote.  Marc’s illustrations can be seen regularly in The New Yorker, Time, Forbes, Fortune, The Atlantic Monthly, The New York Times, Boston Globe, The Washington Post, and others.  Visit him online at

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