Monday, November 26, 2012

I Gotta Draw by Bruce Degen

Good Day Dear Readers,
The Queen here with a book I found wonderful for those students who simply can't fit the norm. (If you live with rambunctious dragons, you need all the help you can get.)

I Gotta Draw by Bruce Degen (Jamberry) was one of those students who had to draw. And now look, he makes a living illustrating wonderful stories.

After reading this book, I encourage you to look for ways you can use your child's favorite hobby to enhance their learning experience.

Happy Reading,
The Queen


Book Title: I Gotta Draw
Author/Illustrator: Bruce Degen

Book Information:

Publisher and date: HarperCollins (June 5, 2012)
Reading level: Ages 4 and up
Book Info: Hardcover: 40 pages 
Genre: Fiction Picture Book
ISBN: 978-0060284176 

Book Theme:
Talents, Creativity, Learning styles, Incorporating art in Education, drawing, helping students succeed.

Book Summary
Charlie Muttnik is the pup with the pencil, the mutt with the marker, the dog with the drawing pad, the chap with the chalk! He draws all the time.
But when Charlie doodles all over his homework, there's trouble at school. It's only when his strict teacher, Miss Rich, tries something new that both realize Charlie can be a great artist at school and at home.

Activity Adventures:

Does your young scholar enjoy drawing doodles? Or perhaps they have other hobbies or talents they love doing.
Sports? Have your child toss or bounce a ball while they spell words. Pin letters to a fence outside and encourage your child to throw a ball at the letters you call out. This helps develop their large motor skills while they also learn their letters. And incorporating movement into memorization helps the brain retain information easier.

Painting or drawing? Have them illustrate their spelling list, or a lesson they are working on. Perhaps they can create a history book of their own.

If your child has trouble sitting for long periods of time, allow them to stand and work. Let them sit on an exercise ball that allows them to still move around while they work.

What other hobbies or talents do your kids have that you've been able to incorporate into their learning? Please share if you have any other ideas, I'd love to hear them and so would other parents who might be trying to find ways to help their struggling kids in school.

Authors Arena

Author and Illustrator: Bruce Degen
(from Scholastic bio)

When I was a kid, I used to draw all the time. In sixth grade, I had a wonderful teacher who would let me stand in the back of the room and paint all the time. Once I didn't even have to take a spelling test.

I went to a special high school for art, LaGuardia High School — you had to take a test to go there. I went to Cooper Union and got a bachelor's degree in art, and then I went to the Pratt Institute and got a Master of Fine Arts.

I've worked in a lot of art fields. I worked in advertising; I painted scenery for the opera; I was a painter and printmaker; I even taught art in high school and college. But I got to a point where I decided there was something missing — and what was missing was humor! When I was a kid, all the work that I did was funny. And I realized that the kind of art I always loved to draw was the kind you find in children's books. So I did something I had never gone to school for — I became an illustrator.

The nice thing about books is that they go out into the world. When a kid, parent, or teacher tells you how much he or she likes your book, you realize that you've given something that has become part of somone else's life.

Bruce Degen is the bestselling author and illustrator of the beloved, perennial favorite Jamberry and numerous award-winning books for children. He is the author and illustrator of Daddy Is a Doodlebug and Sailaway Home as well as the illustrator of the highly acclaimed Magic School Bus series by Joanna Cole; the ever-popular Jesse Bear books by Nancy White Carlstrom; Jazzmatazz! by Stephanie Calmenson; and Shirley's Wonderful Baby by Valiska Gregory (available at your local library).

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Eric VanRaepenbusch said...

I got to meet Bruce Degen this past summer. Such a cool guy! I love this book. My kids will be getting it as a gift!