Thursday, November 29, 2012

Flamingos Don't Wear Bathing Suits by Daniel Moskowitz

Good Day Dear Readers,
The Queen here with a different kind of book than I normally present. Flamingos Don't Wear Bathing Suits is a self-published book by Daniel Moskowitz. To purchase a book, click the link for ordering information.

After reading though a few of the poems, I found the book full of cute rhymes and great illustrations. If you enjoy Shel Silverstein, then give this one a look.


Author: Daniel Moskowitz                                                                                                              
Illustrator: Michael Swaim

Book Information:

Publisher and date: Bullmoose Books, (January, 2013)
Reading level: grades 3-8
Book Info: softcover 122 pgs
Genre: poetry
ISBN: 978-1937118-11-2

Book Summary
Flamingos Don't Wear Bathing Suits is a collection of poetry aimed for children and parents alike. In the fashion of the great Shel Silverstein, Flamingos is full of both funny and heartwarming rhymes and stories, each with their own sort of startling quirkiness. The book's poems tackles many common childhood concerns in a fun and fanciful manner.

 Here's a sample of the poetry you'll find in this book:

"The dog ate my homework"
Is a lazy excuse,
They've heard this before,
It is of no use.

If you need a story
Here's one worth a try,
Say, "I ate my homework,
and it tasted quite dry."

There's more! Scheduled to release later in 2013, are more crazy poems.

Activity Adventures:

Explore various types of poems. Go to the library and check out other poem books. Then see if you can pick a crazy, or every day topic and write a poem about it. You know, there's really not enough meatloaf poems out there if you ask me.

Authors Arena

About The Author from author website

Daniel Moskowitz is the author of several yet-to-be written novels including the soon-to-be bestseller, Acne Acres: A Teenagers Guide to Overcoming Life's Blemishes, as well as the highly acclaimed cookbook, Chicken Soup for the Bowl. He is the recipient of the HOPE scholarship, Jewish Star of the Week (Atlanta Jewish Times, October 2004), and several honorable mentions and most-improved sportsman awards.

An Atlanta native and graduate of the University of Georgia, the twenty-five year old literary wit is currently working on his third installment of poetry entitled, Ostrich Legs.

Illustrator: from book website

Michael Swaim is a Houston, Texas-based cartoonist, illustrator and acrylic
painter who is realizing his dream of making it as a full-time artist at the midpoint
of his life. He has created artwork for over 30 children’s books, medical
and dental books, and various magazine articles over the years. Michael is
also a published editorial and political cartoonist. He currently resides in
Houston with his lovely wife Shauna, three Pugs, and one cat.

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