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Old MacDonald Had Her Farm by Jonarno Lawson

Good day, dear reader friends!
The Queen is back with another bodacious read for you! Old MacDonald Had Her Farm is a romping twist on the old classic song, but with a vowel-ious twist. Each page features a vowel along with rhyming words all using that vowel.

The illustration are bright, busy and fun to look at. The rhyming provides a lively beat, and the subject a learning experience both homeschoolers and teachers can use while teaching. These are books I'm especially fond of. Children will love reading along with the simple, repetitive text, and trying out the tongue-twisting list of vowel words.

Check out our activity ideas, and most definitely check out this riotous read.
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Author: Jonarno Lawson                                                                  
Illustrator: Tina Holdcroft

Book Information:

Publisher and date: Annick Press (June 21, 2012)
Reading level: Ages 4 and up
Book Info: Paperback: 32 pages
Genre: picture book
ISBN: 978-1554514564

Book Theme:
Rhyme, simple machines, vowels,

Book Summary from
Old MacDonald had a farm like you've never seen before!

With a nod to the familiar refrain E-I-E-I-O, a day on this farm is framed by the vowels A-E-I-O-U--and sometimes Y.

Old MacDonald appears in an explosion of color and, starting with the letter A, proceeds to "saw barn planks, stack sacks, crank cranks, and whack gnats." The day progresses as every vowel is featured in action-packed bursts of lively text. Old MacDonald has devised a myriad of tools to make her job if not easier, then a lot more fun.

In chaotic scenes filled with pulleys, catapults, and flying machines, the farm becomes the background for a circus-like riot of fantastic contraptions.

With dozens of details to discover, and hilarious tongue-twisting text, this book is destined to become a favoroite

Activity Adventures:

Young Readers:
write vowel words on index cards and allow little ones to sort according to the vowel sound. Help them read each word, until the can do this on their own. This will help them get started on reading.

Older Readers:
There are various pulley machines in the book. Do a lesson on simple machines and see if MacDonald's crazy contraptions would actually work. What kind of simple machine can you put together? 

Crafty Ideas:
Create a vowel book. Use the words provided in the book as a starting point. Now, go out and collect more vowel words and sort them onto the correct page. Decorate your books.

Writing Prompts:
Try to come up with your own wacky sentences using only vowel words.

Authors Arena

Author: JonArno Lawson
Born in Hamilton, Ontario, and raised in Dundas, JonArno's most formative experiences as a child were the months he spent in Florida at the age of 8. Missing almost an entire year of school (which, luckily, he wasn't forced to repeat), he spent his weekdays at the beach digging holes and collecting sea shells and coconuts, travelling in glass bottom boats, and visiting nature parks that had free-roaming monkeys and parrots. He wore a ship captain's hat at all times, and a green pouch on his belt, in which he kept a small golden sword, dozens of ticket stubs, a musket ball, brass souvenir coins, a small British flag he found stuck in his fish and chips one day, and other similar treasures (which he still has and enjoys looking at). His formative influences, as a writer, were mostly songs—"The Gumdrop Follies" recordings of Jim Copp and Ed Brown, "The Irish Song" by Tom Lehrer, and "The Shape of Things" by Sheldon Harnick. Yip Harburg, Stephen Sondheim, and Sylvia Fine, also deserve much greater credit for their inspiring, brilliant, funny, and innovative work.

Illustrator: Tina Holdcroft
Tina Holdcroft loves what she does. She's been illustrating for a quarter of a century from the messiest studio on the planet. Her art work has appeared in so many picture books, school text books, magazines and advertisements that she has lost count. More than 40 picture books and 100 text books for sure.
Tina was born in England, studied art in Toronto, married her high school sweetheart, and has one child. When not illustrating and writing, Tina is off sailing with her husband and more recently with her sixteen year old son. Tina has sailed 50,000 miles, crossed the Atlantic four times, dodged whales, survived storms at sea and anchored in the harbors of 24 countries.


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