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Eye of the Sword by Karyn Henley

Happy Monday dear reader friends,
The Queen here with another Young Adult fantasy I'm sure our fantastical readers will love.

Eye of the Sword, by Karyn Henley, is the second in her Angelaeon Circle series. I do encourage you to read Breath of Angel first, as I started with this book and had some difficulty catching up to what was going on in this world.

Still, I thoroughly enjoyed following the hero, Trevin, on his quest to help the king and princess find what they have lost. In turn, Trevin finds out who he really is. I love stories like this. Henley weaves a fascinating fantasy tale from legends and folklore that keeps you turning the page to see what happens next.

I've noticed there have been more and more books coming out about the Nephili - half human, half angel beings. If you are as intrigued by these stories as I have been, then put this book series on your list of must reads!

I also wish to mention that we at the Castle Library are partaking in the CSFF Blog Tour. For more information on that, and a list of other bloggers participating, see the end of this post.

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Book Title: Eye of the Sword by
Author: Karyn Henley

Book Information:

Publisher and date: WaterBrook Press (March 13, 2012)
Reading level: Young Adult/ Adult
Book Info: Paperback: 256 pages
Genre: fantasy
ISBN-13: 978-0307730145

Book Topics:
Nephili, honor, finding one's identity, love, bravery, seeking for hidden lost treasures

Book Summary from
Where angels walk the ground and the future is told in song, does a man of low rank have a chance at love with a princess?

In Camrithia, a land of shadows and mystical secrets, Trevin lives to serve King Laetham. But his heart belongs to the princess, Melaia. When the King sends Trevin on on a dangerous quest to find the missing comains—captains in the king’s army—he must leave Melaia to the advances of a swaggering Dregmoorian prince.

Challenged to prove his worth, Trevin throws himself into his quest. Striving to prove his love, Trevin undertakes a second mission—find the harps Melaia seeks in order to restore the stairway to heaven. Through fire caves, rogue winds, and murderous threats, Trevin remains steadfastly dedicated to his quest—even when he is falsely accused of a heinous crime. As Trevin’s time runs out, he realizes he must face the shame and horror of his own past and the nightmare that has come to life. Will he have the courage to finish what he has started?

Activity Adventures:

I strongly encourage readers to browse Henley's book-site where she provides more background information about both books. You'll find a map of the region, facts about angels, along with a hierarchy chart. Book One has a reader's guide to go along with it.

Writing Prompts:
Pick one of the Angels listed on author's site and research more information about it. Write up a fact sheet, or maybe even a story about the angel of your choice.
Why did you pick that particular angel?
If you could meet one in person, which would you choose?
If you were an angel, which type do you think you would be? Why?

Discussion Questions:
Trevin undertakes a quest to prove his loyalty to the king, and to help the girl he loves find the lost harps she is looking for. Have you ever gone out of your way to help someone you care about? What happened?
(You could even write the story about how it turned out)

Trevin gets a chance to look upon a sword that will reveal who he really is. If you were to look into such a sword, what do you think you would find out about yourself?

What are your thoughts on angels? Do they mingle among us? Talk (or journal) about what you believe and why you believe that.

Authors Arena

Author: Karyn Henley
From Henley's author site:
Award-winning author Karyn Henley has written over 100 titles, which include a mix of children's books and articles, parent-teacher books, articles, and curricula, and preschool musicals and CD's/DVD's of original music for children.
An accomplished songwriter, Karyn has been a Dove Award nominee, and received a regional Emmy Award as Music Composer for a Christmas television special.  She has traveled worldwide speaking to parents and teachers and entertaining children and their families in storytelling/active movement sessions and concerts.

    A graduate of Abilene Christian University (BSEd), Karyn received a Master's of Fine Arts degree in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts in 2004. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

Check out Henley's blog Maybeso for some great post about the writing life, more about her books, and even tips on writing novels.

CSFF Blog Tour

In conjunction with the CSFF (Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy) Blog Tour, I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.
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Shane Werlinger said...

Love your writing prompts. I think I'll have to do them.

Keanan Brand said...

Despite their growing prevalence, I didn't even think of including a book trailer in my post. Cool!

Julie Bihn said...

Had no idea that Nephilim were prevalent in fiction...Christian fiction? Interesting. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Jackie Castle said...

thanks, hope you come up with some interesting thoughts.

Jackie Castle said...

Kids seems to love the book trailers. Helps the story come more alive for them. That's what I'm here for, to find ways to bring books alive.

Jackie Castle said...

I've seen more of these books in the YA section. Cassandra Clare's Immortal Instruments series is all about Nephilim. These I've read. I've seen other titles that I've not read yet.