Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wizardry Writing Wednesday - Writing Prompt

Hello again young scribes of the Castle Library realm.

I've checked ye old calendar of days, and realized that sometime in the next couple of months, many of you will be returning to The Halls of Knowledge... aka school.

Now, my young pen pushers, is not the time to grow slack in your journalistic practices. (aka writing)

You don't want to be at the tail end of the writing spectrum when you return to your nearest learning institution, now do you?

Did some frog croak "Yes?"
I know you don't wish to be turned into pond scum, do you??

Okay, quills and parchment ready? (Pen and paper for you trolls).

Here is this week's picture:

Now, just where do you suppose this fine fellow is off to? Perhaps some party? A fashion show? A snail parade? What do you think? Let your imaginations run wild. Has the fairy court invited him to their festivities?

Some Questions You Can Answer:
Give him/her a name.
Write one quirky trait the mouse has. Such as:whiskers twitching, tail twisting... you get it?
Where is the mouse going?
What does the mouse want more than anything?
What does the mouse do when he can't have/do that anything?
How will the mouse get around that obstacle? 
When the mouse does get what he wants, what is the result?

Tie up your story in a awesomely cool ending.

You now have another story. Keep these stories. You might need them when school starts. Make sure you draw some pictures of your mouse and illustrate your story.
Happy Writing,
Let your imagination weave some wacky tales.
Wiz. Lexiconi, Sr. Mage 1st class: Fabulist extraordinaire

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