Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Taking the Week off for Independence Day

Hello friend readers,
The Queen here with all her dragons and trolls and knights here to wish you...

Dirkus, leave those fireworks alone! Your fire might set them off before it's time, for goodness sakes!

Oh where was I?
Wait, I remember, we wanted to wish all our reader friends a wonderful Indep--

Rankus, do something about your brother!! For goodness sakes, see? I told you that might happen. Knights, bring in the water trough. Yes, yes, sit it right beside the fireworks and somebody put those dragons outside.

Independence Day, yes, I hope it's full of fun, and family and loads of adventure. Oh, and stop by your local library to check out a book about how it all happened. There's loads of fictional and non-fictional accounts of how the fourth of July came to be.

Oh, oh, oh my what WAS that noise? Oh dear. 

I'm afraid I have to go now. Come back next week for more book news, reviews and Freebie Friday. Stay safe.

Which one of you blasted lizards sneezed on the fireworks display?