Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Fun... You know They'll Make You Write About it

Hello fellow scribes.
Today, we are veering off the beaten novel writing path for something a little different. Today I want to present a challenge. Today, I encourage you to open your creative minds and think.

What is one of the first assignments teachers ask from their students? Write about what you did this summer!

If you'll follow these simple instructions, you will be ahead of the game. You will knock your teacher's socks off and let's hope she's wearing clean ones because they'll probably fly across the room.

This week, let's make a Summer Fun Book.

Here's the first thing you do:

Make a book. You can get fancy or simple. If you are unsure how to put together a book of your own, here's a few links that might help.

A Place of Our Own: Homemade books

The Crafty Crow provides several options

There are more sites out there to get your ideas flowing, but these should provide a great start.

And why, you might ask, would I, Wizard Lexiconi ask you to make a book, instead of purchase the book? Because putting your time and personal touch to it makes it more special to you and you will more likely actually use it.

Now that you have your book made, divide your book into summer month sections. Say you have 10 pages. Use three pages for June, three for July and so forth. Leave the first page for your title and dedication and all that stuff that goes at the beginning of a book.

Now, think about one or two fun things you did in each month. Do you have pictures? How about a brochure or small souvenir? Something flat, preferably.

You can even draw pictures of a place you went, activity you  did and people who were there with you. Write a few sentences answering these questions:
1. Where and when did this event happen?
2. Why did you enjoy it so much?
3. Who was with you?
4. What, if anything, did you learn or experience that was new to you?

If you would rather simply write about what happened that day, that's fine, too.
There are no set rules.. This book is strictly for you.

Now, when you return to school, you are ready for that writing assignment. You have something to show your class. You have something interesting to talk about. And you'll razzle-dazzle your teacher with your brilliance and creativity. That's always a great way to start off a new school year. Trust me.

It's a win-win activity. I hope you'll join in.

There is always the frog pond for you if you don't.

Happy Writing friends!
Let your imagination weave some wacky tales. 
Wiz. Lexiconi, Sr. Mage 1st class: Fabulist extraordinaire.

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