Monday, July 9, 2012

Pipper's Secret Ingredient and A Book Give-away!

Happy Monday, dear readers! We are back from a week off of celebrating and enjoying our summer here at The Castle Library. The dragons did behave and everyone was able to enjoy a spectacular fireworks display that evening.

But today, I'm excited about presenting a new book and being able to offer it free to the winner of our Pipper's Adventure Drawing!

I found Pipper's Secret Ingredient to be quite different than most books I've read. However, I loved the brilliant illustrations and simple story line. I think this would be a wonderful book for fledgling readers who need short chapters, enjoy lots of engaging pictures and require simple text. Plus, for teachers, home-schoolers and parents who wish to take the story a step further, please check out the Activity Guide on

NOW... here's how the drawing will work.
Unfortunately, because of postal rates, I can only award the book to people living in the USA at this time. If you'd like a chance to get a free copy of Pipper's Secret Ingredient, leave your name in the comments section and a link to your blog or website so I can contact you if you win.

This weekend, I'll pull out a name of the winner and post it here next Monday. Check back in case I'm unable to contact you. 

I'm so excited about our first book give-a-way, my crown is spinning!!
Happy Reading,
The Queen.


Author: Jane Murphy                                                                           Illustrator: Allison Fingerhuth and Neal Sharp


Book Information:

Publisher and date: Mutt Media (March 30, 2012)
Reading level: ages 8+
Book Info: Hardcover: 145 pages
Genre: Fiction chapter book
ISBN:13: 978-0615388083

Book Theme:
World travel, cooking, friendship, mystery, dogs, blogging

Book Summary

Meet Pipper, food blogger, world traveler, and best friend to a tight group of canine companions. Join her on her tail-wagging adventure in search of the secret ingredient to the perfect treat. Meet her loyal friends and the characters she encounters as she gallops across desert dunes in a camel race, pedals her way through the streets of Paris, chases through the cars of the Orient-Express, joins rock-and-roll fans at Katz's New York deli, and climbs the Inca Trail, all with Bumbles Brug on her tail. Contemptible Bull Bogus, who is determined to find the secret ingredient first, hired the clumsy flunky Bumbles to do his dirty work. Will Pipper succeed and keep the secret ingredient from the paws of Bumbles and Bogus? And what surprise awaits when she returns home from her travels? This Snoutz adventure is better than a T-bone on a desert island after a romp in the waves.

Activity Adventures:

Pipper's Secret Ingredient website offers pictures from the story, information about the book, and a 31-page Activity Guide with lesson ideas, worksheets and writing prompts.

Which leaves little room for me to add more here.

However, I would suggest you take some time to try out Pipper's recipes found at the back of the book and spend some time Googling and researching the places she traveled to. I'm sure you'll find a lot of interesting facts and perhaps you can plan a trip of your own one day soon.

Authors Arena

Jane Murphy is author of a variety of food, parenting, and business books. As a partner in KIDVIDZ special interest videos for children, she wrote and produced a line of award-winning videos for school age children. Jane is a professionally trained chef and was previously a partner in CHOW, a company that created food-related programming for kids and families. Jane's been awarded grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities and Rockefeller Foundation National Video Resources. She has served on the Tufts Children and Media Advisory Board, Grolier Publishing Advisory Board, and Harvard-Radcliffe Childcare Council.

Allison Fingerhuth is a product development, marketing and licensing professional who has worked in a variety of business sectors, including educational publishing, children's television, and food/entertainment. Among her many creative and strategic accomplishments, Allison managed the creation and development of several Nickelodeon award-winning consumer product lines. Allison is real life mom of Old English Sheepdog, Lu, the inspiration for Pipper and the BowWOW Bakery.

Neal Sharp has illustrated award-winning children’s books, including Just Teddy. Neal focuses on extensive character design and enthusiastically proclaims, “I have learned never to underestimate the discerning taste that kids have for good stories and pictures.”


Eric VanRaepenbusch said...

This sounds like a great book! The activity guide is amazing! Good luck with your giveaway.

-Eric VanRaepenbusch, Happy Birthday Author ( or Three Ghost Friends (

Jackie Castle said...

Eric, you won the book if you'd like to have it. Let me know.