Friday, July 27, 2012

Freebie Friday - Story Problems Worksheet

The Trolls here with another Freebie Friday. We like Freebie Fridays because we like to have fun. Especially if it's free fun. We are so there!

Every story has a problem. If there were no problems for the main character to overcome, then there'd be no story. None. Zip. Just boring rabble.

Who wants to read that?

It's not only necessary to be able to recognize the story problem in a book or short story you are reading, you need to know how to create a problem when you write your own stories. And boy howdy, do Trolls know how to create problems. Ha!

So, let's look at a few examples:

Harry Potter series: 
What is the problem? Harry belongs to a magical world where there's a bad wizard who wants to kill him.
Who is causing the problem? He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named
How is it solved? Harry must eventually defeat the dark lord. 

Charlotte's Web:

What is the Problem? Wilbur grows up to find out he will eventually be sent off to the meat house.
Who is causing the problem? Society in general. That's what happens to pigs that live on a farm.
How is it solved? Wilbur befriends a talented spider who decides to spin webs to save his life.

Are you getting it? Good. Now go read a book. See  if you can figure out the story story problem.  Fill in the boxes. Color Brutz because he's kinda cool. You could also use this worksheet to think out your own story. Make Brutz your main character, he loves being in stories. 
Click to download and Print Story Problem Worksheet

Happy Reading and Writing!
The Trolls (who love to have fun stuff to do if they have to read.)
It's just how we roll.

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