Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wizardly Writing Wednesdays - Rankus on Editing

Well, did you do it? Did you write something great?

If you did, congrats. But now the real work begins.

You didn't really think that's all there was to it, did you?

The biggest part of writing, as my teachers and Wiz Lex keeps telling me, is REWRITING!!

UGH. Double UGH and yes, triple UGH!!!

In rewriting, we are supposed to look for things like punctuation and sentence structure and flow and voice and if it makes sense and

As you might see, all that stuff is important. Otherwise what we write, wont make sense.

Punctuation? Well come on folks. If you run out of breath when reading a sentence, you might want to cut it down to two or more sentences and don't be afraid to use periods cause they're important. (Are you catching my drift here?)

Remember this?

Let's eat grandma.  YIKES!!!
Let's eat, grandma. 

I don't think grandmas would taste good at all. Just saying.

Use them. If your page is one long stream of text, then you've got a problem. Pay attention to that. If your sentences have a lot of AND, AND, AND.

You also have a problem.

Making it interesting

The dog walked down the street.        YAWN!

The basset house padded across the sidewalk on his way to visit the cute beagle next door.

Now we can really see what's going on. See?

Teachers and those who tell you to revise, revise, revise aren't trying to douse your creativity. They are trying to help you make it totally awesome. Revising your work does that, too.

And once you get into fixing your story, you'll find it's fun as well. New ways to make your first ideas better become clear. The story starts to come more alive. And the more you revise, the better you get at writing the first time around.

Trust me on this. I am in the fourth grade, you know.

Happy Writing!
Rankus O. Dragon: 4th grade Extraordinaire. 

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