Monday, June 18, 2012

Why Summer Reading is Important

 Good Monday Dear Readers:
The Queen here to talk about the importance of keeping children reading during the summer months. Research shows that children who do not have learning opportunities during summer break increasingly lag behind their peers when school starts again. 

"Kids who don't have educationally rich summers will be nearly three years behind their peers by the time they reach the end of the fifth grade… Much like we would expect an athlete or a musician's performance to suffer if they didn't practice regularly, the same thing is true for young people when it comes to reading performance."
— Ron Fairchild, Founding CEO, National Summer Learning Association

 Here at the Castle Library, I've provided some ideas on things parents can do to encourage their children to keep reading.

Over at  Reading Rocket  you can find more information on activities and programs to help keep kids on track during the summer. There are even articles and videos to help parents encourage their kids with dyslexia. Today, why don't you hop on over and see what new ideas you can find?

Happy Reading.
The Queen.

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