Monday, June 25, 2012

The Queen's Top 5 Tips for Summer Reading Fun

Good Monday! The first days of summer are officially upon us, and here in the south, the heat is rip-roaring and baking up a sweaty time.

So, how have you been keeping cool this summer? I, for one, enjoy finding a nice, cool place to read a great book. There's many to choose from and I hope you come back often as I present new releases and fun activities to go along with them.

Today, I want to conclude my discussion on how to make reading fun during the summer months.

I have 5 more ideas I wish to share with you. 

1)  Check out books that have been made into movies, such as "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" or for older kids, the newest versions of "Snow White."  There's so many books to movies to choose from, some might be showing in the theaters right now.
    Go to your local library or store and get the soundtrack to the movie. During your special reading times, play the music while you read the book. Once you finish the book, have a family viewing of the movie, either at home or go to the theater. After, compare how they were the same yet different. Be sure to include lots of snacks during the movie. Make it a fun, memorable experience.

 2). Some kids are more visual. Be sure to stock up on magazines for kids and teens.The short articles and fun activities still make reading enjoyable.

3) Allow kids to pick out books they enjoy. All through the school year, they are told what to read. During the summer break, let them pick. If you're concerned, read the book before or with them so you can talk about the book.
     Some books are a little disturbing. Instead of avoiding, walk with them through the story and talk about your feelings. Kids need to know how to deal with all kinds of good and bad information in our world. If you're really concerned, do be sure to read it yourself before hand. And teach your children that it's alright to put down a book. There's millions out there waiting to be read. If you don't like one, close the covers and go on to the next. No big deal.

4) Fiction isn't for everyone. If your kids are the hands-on, love to do things type, look for crafting or do-it-yourself types of books. Sit down during the reading times and make things with them from those books. It's still reading and they get the satisfaction of movement many kids needs.

5) Lastly, find books you love yourself and take reading breaks. You deserve a break. Fix you a nice, cold drink and find a cool, shady spot to just kick back and do nothing more than enjoy a book. You're setting an example for your kids on the benefits and values of reading. Enjoy!

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Do enjoy your summer. The hot days are ideal for sitting quietly with a book or checking out the movie theaters.

Happy Reading,
The Queen.

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