Friday, June 8, 2012

Just Because You're Mine by Sally Lloyd-Jones

Happy Friday dear readers,
With Father's day approaching, I wanted to feature this delightful book by Sally Lloyd-Jones about a father's love for his rambunctious son. The watercolor illustrations done by Frank Endersby are simply breathtaking. I believe this is a must read over the next week and Dad's can use some of the activities listed below to enhance the reading experience.

I'm also including this one in Susanna Leonard Hill's Perfect Picture Book Friday because it seems she is missing this brilliant book. That's just sad. =)

Happy Reading,
The Queen.

Author: Sally Lloyd-Jones                                                                                                     
Illustrator: Frank Endersby

Book Information:

Publisher and date: HarperCollins (December 27, 2011)
Reading level: Ages 4 and up
Book Info: Hardcover: 32 pages
Genre: Children's Picture Book
ISBN: 978-0062014764

Book Theme:
Parental love, fathers and sons, love

 Book Summary from
Little Red Squirrel tries to guess the reason that his daddy loves him—is it because he is a good High Climber, and Brave, and Fast, and Completely Handsome? Could it be because he’s so Friendly? Or maybe it’s because he’s so good at finding Top Secret Berries?
The answer is a heartwarming testament to a parent’s love for a child. From New York Times bestselling author Sally Lloyd-Jones and illustrator Frank Endersby comes a classic story about the nature of unconditional love.

Activity Adventures:

Young Readers:
This is definitely a sit-in-my-lap read aloud kind of book. As your read the text, discuss some of the wonderful things your own child does that you love. Allow the ending to emphasize that the real reason you love this is simply because they are yours. 

Older Readers:
Parents and children can sit together and make a list of things they enjoy doing. Create a summer bucket list of activities the family can do together in order to have more quality time together. Nothing says "I love you" more than spending time with your children doing something fun.

Print up the bucket list and hang it up. Every time the family accomplishes one of the challenges on the list, mark it off. See if you can complete all of them before school starts again.

Crafty Ideas:
Have children create a Father's Day card for the special father in their life. Even if Dad's not present, pick a special male figure that they admire and make a card for them to let that person know they are appreciated.

Search home-made Father's day cards for ideas

Writing Prompts:
Make a list of what you love about your dad. Stick it into their card, or create several post it notes that you can stick up around the house where he'll see them. Like the fridge, the tv remote and the mirror in the bathroom. Make it a week-long game of leaving little notes that say, "I love you because...."

A sample of Endersby's beautiful work. Click on his link to see more of his wonderful art.

Authors Arena

Sally Lloyd-Jones is a Brit who came to the US in 1989 "just for a year." She's still here.

Born in Kampala, Uganda, raised in East, and West Africa and at a boarding school in the New Forest, the first book she ever remembers reading all the way through was THE COMPLETE NONSENSE by Edward Lear. Things have not been the same since.

She lives in Manhattan and enjoys dividing her time between the front half of her apartment and the back.

Frank Endersby has worked for over twenty years as an Artist and Designer focusing on illustrating children’s books, greeting cards and ceramic ware.

His work has been published in different countries and the children’s books published in many languages.

Some of his other book titles are: Little David's Brave Day, Rock-a-bye Bible and Left Hand, Right Hand.


Patricia T. said...

What a sweet and adorable selection with a powerful message. Love the cover and the ilustrations look soft and inviting. Perfect for young children. Interesting note on the author and illustrator. Enjoy reading info about them. Great choie for PPB.

Kerry Aradhya said...

We have another book by Sally Lloyd-Jones called Time to Say Goodnight, which I've loved for years. Just Because You're Mine seems like it might have a similar, quiet feel...and perfect for Father's Day. Thanks for sharing!

Kirsten Larson said...

This book looks perfect for Father's Day. Thanks Jackie!