Friday, June 22, 2012

Home-Field Advantage by Justin Tuck

Happy Friday dear Readers.
Today, I'm bringing you a book that's sure to promote some summer fun, and ... get you READY FOR SOME FOOTBAAAALLLL!!!

Justin Tuck's Home-Field Advantage is a story about how he "really" became such a power-house football player. With several siblings, including twin sisters to boss and bully him around, he had to toughen up.

This story made me laugh out loud. And I loved just the family feel to his retelling of life in the Tuck home.

I believe you'll enjoy this book.
Most important, it's summer! Get outside and play for goodness sakes!

Happy Reading (and having fun)
The Queen

Book Title: Home Field Advantage
Author: Justin Tuck
Illustrator: Leonardo Rodriguez                         

Book Information:

Publisher and date: Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers (August 30, 2011)
Reading level: Ages 4 and up
Book Info: Hardcover: 40 pages
Genre: Picture Book based on real life
ISBN: 978-1442403697

Book Theme:
Sports, Football, Family, toughing up, being the youngest, NFL stars stories

Book Summary
Imagine the toughest, meanest-looking, strongest NFL player you can. Now imagine him growing up while being bossed around and pushed around by his five older sisters. The comical scenes are endless and Justin shows that toughness comes in all forms.

Activity Adventures:

Young Readers:
Are you from a big family? Go outside and play a couple games of football together. Just for the fun of it.
Not from a big family? Invite some friends over to play.
It's summer, just get outside and play!  Include the sprinklers if it's hot.

Older Readers:
You too. Get outdoors and have some fun. Go throw a ball around with friends or siblings.
You can have the sprinklers, too. And Popsicles.

Crafty Ideas:
Do not, and I repeat, do not cut any one's hair.

However, you can use the scissors to cut out some pictures from the newspaper or sports magazine and start your "Favorite Sports" scrapbook. Draw some pictures of you as a football or baseball player.

Writing Prompts:
If you could play any sport, what would you play? Why? Write a persuasive paper about why your parents should let you play that sport. A persuasive paper is one where you explain clearly why something should happen. Think: How do I best charm my parents into doing what I want. Now write it on paper. Good luck!

Discussion Questions:
During a family dinner, everyone share a favorite family story. You could talk about something crazy your siblings did to you, the strangest thing that you remember ever happening, or a favorite family outing. Just talk and share stories and enjoy each other. FYI: These talks are much more enjoyable when there is cold summer watermelon for dessert.

Just saying.

Authors Arena

Justin Tuck was born in Coosa County, Alabama, and went on to play for the University of Notre Dame. A Pro Bowl defensive end, he plays for the New York Giants. This is his first book for children.

Check out Tuck's site to learn more about this NFL Giant.

Leonardo Rodriguez lives and works in Barcelona. He is a contributing cartoonist for Mad magazine. Visit his blog about illustration at

Check out Rodriguez's site for more of his fabulous works. 


Patricia T. said...

What a great book for boys. Very timely this summer. Enjoyed learning Justin Tuck's story. My grandsons would love this. Nice activities.

Jackie Castle said...

Thanks Patricia. This is a great book for boys. Thanks for stopping by.