Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Book on the Go!

    Good Tuesday, dear readers.
    Yes, I missed my normal Monday visit, but there was an incident with one of the dragons who thought he could dress up in a suit of armor and scare a knight... need I say more? Lesson learned. Enough of that.

    Today, I'd like to offer a couple of more tips on how to make reading fun during the summer months.

    It seems kids get so busy with playing and sleeping and all that other stuff they want to do during the summer months, that reading gets... well, shelved. So to speak.

    I say, if you are going somewhere and have a bag with you, there should be a book of some form inside of it.


    So, if you and your kids are going to the beach, or will be taking a long car ride, be sure to pack a few fun books to read and pass the time. Picture books are wonderful quick reads and the pictures are often engaging to young and even older readers. Pick books that will relate to the place you are visiting.

    But say you didn't have time to pack a few books. Well, words are all around us. When you visit a park, point out the signs posted along the way and encourage your child to try reading them.

    While driving along the highways, be willing to stop at Historical Markers and read the event that happened in that place. This will also provide for some lively discussion afterward.

    Read the swimming pools rules.
    Read the labels along the grocery store isles.
    Read the menu at a restaurant.

    By drawing your child's attention to the variety of print we encounter each day, you will teach them how important learning their letters and words are to understanding the world around them. 

    Enjoy your summer!

    And as always,
    Happy Reading

    The Queen

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