Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wizardly Writing Wednesdays - Rankus: Dragon Extraordinaire

It's my turn! It's my turn!!
Finally, I got Wizard Lex's computer away from my annoying brother Dirkus. Now you are in for some real writing lessons.

I'm Rankus. I'm in the 4th grade and I can write up one mean essay. Really. AND, my brilliance has been tested and .... well, I'm still waiting for the results, but I'll bet those writing graders will be completely outstanded over my brilliant prose. My mindful masterpiece. My wonderful writing abilities.

And do you know why I'm the bestest, best writer in my class??? Do ya? Huh?


It's because I read. Yep. I'm no troll when it comes to a great book.

I read in bed when I'm supposed to go to sleep. I read over my bowl of oatmeal. ( That's 'cause I hate oatmeal.) I read on my way to school and on my way home. (Don't try this if you actually drive the bus. Only if you're riding.) And I read instead of doing my chores. I read when I'm supposed to be taking my bath. You get the picture, right?

Yep, I'm a for really, real reader.

Which is what makes me such a great writer. All great writers love to read.

And... ppsstt, come a bit closer for this...

Nobody wants to bother a kid who's reading so you get out of doing all sorts of yucky stuff like peeling potatoes, and cleaning your room. (Well, you'll have to do that eventually, but you catch my drift.)

And, reading is just fun stuff.

But, I promised that I would talk about writing. And I plan to.
Do you like to write? Humm... Some of you are nodding and some of you are shaking your heads no. Hey, are you no peeps related to trolls? They don't like any of that reading or writing stuff either.

Ooops, Wiz Lex says I can't write that stuff. I'll have to erase it later before I hit publish. Or NOT!!

Heh heh heh.

You know, if you're not a fan of writing, here's something that will help. I think the biggest reason us kids don't like to write is because we are afraid someone is going to laugh if we show our stories to someone. That's how I used to be.

So you know what I did? Well, I'm gonna tell you. That's what I'm here for, right?

I went out and bought a small journal that I could tuck in my pocket or backpack. And during the day, I'd write down funny things I heard people saying. Or I wrote about how my little brother Dirkus got detention for writing his name on the Castle walls. Oh boy, was Queen lady mad! HaHaHa!!

Yep, that went into my book. Along with a picture of him having to scrub the crayon off the stone walls. Brilliant!!

And I filled up that journal. And another one. And another one after that. You know why? Because nobody but me saw it. At first. Then I lest my bestest best friend saw it and he thought it was pretty good. Like that Diary Kid Greg dude. And now he's famous for his journal stories. See? You never know.

So, my first suggestion is this: Get to the store and buy yourself a journal. Or a diary if you want something with a lock. And write something every day in it. And I mean every day. You know why? Because great writers not only read, but they.... duh!

They Write!!! 

Rankus O. Dragon: 4th grade Extraordinaire. 

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