Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wizardly Writing Wednesdays - Rankus on Idea Organization

Hello out there. 
Rankus here with another fabulously great writing lesson. Last week, we learned about developing an idea and how to find the most interesting topic to focus on.

There are several graphic organizers you can find on the internet that will help with writing any kind of paper you want to write. There's a wheel hub where you write the main idea, or focus statement in the middle, then list all your supporting information along the wheel spokes.

There's organizers that you use to answer the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How questions your paper might cover.

Other organizers for comparison, persuasion and problem solving can also be found. Try Googling the kind of paper you'll want to write and see what free organizers pop up.

Using an outline helps writers stay on track and avoid running down so many rabbit holes. If you're not sure what I mean by rabbit holes, think Alice In Wonderland. Alice tumbles down into that crazy world where nothing makes sense. That's how your story can end up if you don't stay focused on what you really want to say.

Here's some things you want to consider when organizing your writing:

1. Write a really good opening sentence or paragraph that will lead the reader into your story and get them excited about what you want to say. Don't be afraid to spend extra time on your opening.

2. Stay Focused and know what you really want to say.

3. Group your supporting details into chunks. Make sure you put like facts or ideas together so your writing doesn't wander around aimlessly. Like my little brother Dirkus. He's really good at that.

4. End with a flair. Be sure you wrap up all of your ideas and that you've provided the reader with something they can take away, such as a new insight, or a question to ponder. Something that will leave them thinking.

When I first started writing, I didn't like it much. I had a hard time getting all my big thoughts onto that little paper. But, once I learned how to outline, and organize all those thoughts rumbling around in my head, then it was easy-peezy. And so it can be for you.

Happy Writing!
Rankus O. Dragon: 4th grade Extraordinaire. 

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