Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day and News from the Queen

Hello dear reader friends,
The Queen here wanting to wish you a wonderful, restful and respectful Memorial Day. Today is meant for fun and sun and I hope you'll enjoy both.

There will be no book feature today.

However, I do have an update of what we'll be doing here around the Castle this summer.

First, I will continue to feature a new book each week, but only on Fridays during the summer months. I will feature picture books, YA and Mid-grade novels. I have several coming up that I'm absolutely excited about and found quiet enjoyable.

Wednesdays still belong to Wizard Lexiconi and his dragon friends and they will continue to share writing tips and activities that can be done during summer break.

Each Monday, I hope to bring you some tips on encouraging your young readers, a fun book activity, or reading news you might enjoy. From time to time, I may revisit a book that's been featured before that I'm exceptionally fond of. If you wish to see our backlist, check out the page section or side bar. I will be updating these soon.

Book Clubs and Programs
Today, I wish to encourage all of you to visit your local library and bookstores this week and sign up for whatever reading programs they may be sponsoring. Some bookstores offer free books for accomplishing a certain amount of books read. Libraries often offer prizes and free tickets to local events. Check out what fun literary activities are happening in your neck of the kingdom.

If you have trouble getting your youngsters to read this summer, try doing what many schools have adopted into their daily routine: The DEAR Time. Drop Everything And Read.

Set a certain time of day, perhaps during the hottest part, or later in the evening, for reading time. Schedule a half hour or so where everyone stops what they are doing to read. After, if you so choose, you can all gather to discuss what you read and your thoughts on it.

What's important, dear friends, is that reading be kept up during the summer months so your children will be primed and ready when school starts again. If a child can read, the world is an open book to them and nothing is impossible.

Happy Reading,
The Queen

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Julie Hedlund said...

We are headed to the library tomorrow for that very reason - signing up for summer reading!