Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wizardry Writing Wednesdays - Dirkus discusses fine motor skills

Hello again. Dirkus here to talk more about learning to write.

You know, writing doesn't start with picking up a crayon and writing on wall... uh, I mean, the Queen's throne... no, no, I didn't do that. I really mean, picking up a pencil and writing letters. No on the wall. That's a big NO NO! And definitely not on the Queens throne. Nobody can prove I did that.

Anyway, before you can be a great writer like me, you have to train your fingers and paws, or hands, or claws (whatever) to work on small objects. This is what Wiz Lex calls developing the fine motor skills.

Which I think it really silly cause I don't have any small motors on my fingers. But the man loves to hang out with frogs, what do you expect, huh?

So, how does a dragon work on their fine motor skills? I'm glad you asked. (If your not lucky enough to be a dragon, you can still do these things too. I believe it works for everyone.)

Put together a puzzle (Personally, I like to assemble... and disassemble knight's armor.) Not generally a problem. Unless they are wearing it. heh heh heh.
Practice lacing with cardboard punched with holes. (or tying your brother's tails together. That's always fun, too.)
String beads or circle-shaped cereal onto yarn tied into a knot at one end- I strung several shells together and gave it to the Queen. How was I supposed to know there were still crabs living in a couple of them? Geeze, I'm only three.
Construct with legos or blocks- legos or blocks only. NOT, and I repeat, NOT blocks taken from the Castle wall. They aren't as easy to put back as it looks.
Practice cutting skills with safety scissors- Again, it needs to be stated... only cut paper. NOT the Queen's tapestries. Never the Queen's tapestries.
Play with play-dough- I also love mud. But nobody else does.
Practice buttoning, zipping, and snapping- If you have such things. I'm a dragon. I have to settle for buttoning, zipping and snapping Wiz Lex and he doesn't like when I do that. bummer.
Let children help out in the kitchen - Yes, yes, yes!! I love to help mix the cake dough, sort the utensils,  unscrew lids on the jam jars, and the cookie jar, and...

They should let me in the kitchen more often. But they don't.

Happy learning to write. Come back next week. (Maybe I'll share some of my cookies with you)

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Eric VanRaepenbusch said...

My wife has been finding lots of fun fine motor activities on Pinterest. My almost two year old son loves putting pom-poms into a 32 oz yogurt container with different sized holes cut in the lid. It's crazy that something so simple could be so entertaining to a little one.

Love your list of fine-motor activities.