Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dirkus on handwriting tips

Hello again! I'm back. 
Dirkus here with another writing lesson for little hands. 

Last time, I said that little hands need practice working on their fine motor skills. This means they learn to do small movements with their hands and fingers. And I talked about some of the things I've done to help mine. 
Which does not include putting small motors on your fingers. Wiz Lex says that's not what this means. 


Once youngsters have had time to work on getting their fingers to do small tasks, then they are ready to move on up to more important stuff like: Handwriting

(And no, it's not writing on your hand. It's making your hand write letters. And stuff.)

Well, I had to ask. I'm just little you know.

So, here's some fun things to do that will help learning to write more interesting

Use different mediums to write with. Some of my favorites are shaving cream or whipped cream. (yum on the second one, but not the first)
You can also write in pudding, sand, rice, or most best, finger paint. (But only on paper. Repeat after me, Not The Castle Walls. Eeeish, I get it already. And I only did that once... or twice.)

Another favorite thing that is perfectly all right with Queenie  is to write on the sidewalks with water or chalk. She doesn't mind because the rain washes it away.

I've said before that play dough or clay makes great fun in creating letters. But what about bread or pretzel dough? You can bake your letters and eat them too. YUMMERS!!!

Wiz Lex makes letters out of sandpaper for me to trace with my finger, or do crayon rubbings on.

And they all offer me plenty of opportunities to trace lines, shapes, play connect-the-dots, and anything else that helps develop my fine-motor skills.

So get to it! Go write some letters, dudes.

Later gators!


Hannah said...

Fun tips! We like to bake bread sticks in different letter shapes. It doesn't take any longer and it's a whole lot of fun!

Eric VanRaepenbusch said...

When I was a teacher I loved having my students practice their spelling in shaving cream. The room smelled so clean when we were done!

Jackie Castle said...

Yeah, I did too, especially when I worked with the pre-school kids. Great way to have fun and get your room smelling great. lol.

Jackie Castle said...

I know we tell kids to not play with their food, but sometimes... =)