Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wizardry Writing Wednesdays -Dirkus' Preschool Writing Tips

Hello again. Dirkus here for Wizard Lexiconi. He told me to come back this week and talk more about preschool writing. 

I'm happy to tell you that the Queen still hasn't noticed my auto-giraffe, I mean, autograph, on the back of her throne. So far so good. Let's keep it that way, 'kay? shhhh.

I will say that I did try to wash it off but did you know black permanent marker doesn't wash off? 

Oh wait, Wizard Lex just told me that's what permanent meant. Who knew?

So last week, I told you about firstest I learnt to draw straight and squiggly lines. (And I admitted how it sometimes got me into TURRR- UBBLE!

Yeah, no writing your straight lines on the castle walls. Got it. 
So, Wizard Lex and I went Google-ing. (I don't know what that means either, but it worked.) We found some awesome-wasome writing worksheets for preschoolers like me. I had him print up a bunches and they were fun. Just... well if you is a dragon, don't sneeze around paper. It's bad. 

Oh, here's where you can go get some of those worksheets, too. They're free over at Kidzone

Okay, so I have another great, brilliant idea about learning to write. Do you know I learned how to write by drawing pictures first? Yeppers! 

Mamma made books for me to draw all of my great, brilliant ideas in. I'd take them to the Queen and she even put a couple in her library. AWESOME-WASOME!! 

She said she liked when I wrote in books much better than when I wrote on her castle walls. And I'm never allowed to ever, never, ever write in someone else's book. She said -hat it would hurt my feelings if someone did that to me. So there. 

Sometimes, Wizard Lex would dic... uh, duck... no.... Oh, I know, DICTATE what my pictures were about. He wanted me to see words so I would learn how all the letters fit together. He even left space for me to copy his words, or he wrote in yellow-like-the-sun ink that I could trace over. 

I. Love. Doing. That. 
I have bunches of my very own books. That makes me an author, right? 

Wizard Lex says it does. And the Queen, she says it does. And of course, Mamma says it does.

So I guess it does. 

See you next week. 

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