Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wizardry Writing Wednesdays - Dirkus on Preschool Writing Fun

Hello again writer friends!
Dirkus here, standing in for Wiz Lexiconi, who has decided to take his frog choir on a spring croaking tour around the kingdom. 

Between you and me, I'm glad to see them go. I got so tired of hearing them sing "Down by the River" I kept begging them to please go sing down by the river and leave the rest of us in peace. 

Gee wilikers!

But all is quiet again, and I'm continuing my scribe lessons. (That means writing for those who can't speak castle talk). This week, all us young scribes got to go on a field trip around the kingdom, visiting all our favorite restaurants and parks and other adventure places. At each place, we either collected something that had the establishment's logo on it, or took a picture of the name.  (I have a great picture with me chasing the knights around the knight's training arena.)

Then, when we came back to the castle, we made our "Favorite Places Word Book."

Really, it was totally awesome wasome!

On each page, we glued in the logo, and drew or pasted a picture that we'd taken. Some of us, those who are mastering writing more, actually wrote a few things we enjoy doing, or eating at our favorite places. Once the book was done, we can "read" all about our favorite places.

On mine, I just wrote the letter of each of my favorite places and put them in alphabetical order. (Since I'm still learning my letters and their sounds) And don't you know I added the Queen's throne room to my letter Q and her library under the letter L. I did, I really did.

So what about you? Where are some of your favorite places? When you go next time, collect a few pictures and their logo and make your own Favorite Places Book all for your very own.

Happy Writing. And Reading!!

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Eric VanRaepenbusch said...

I like this idea of a favorite places book. The scrapbooking aspect of it would be really fun for my kids!