Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Whoo-hoo, I'm back! Dirkus here, again for Wizard Lexiconi. He says I'm doing awesome-wasome talking aobut preschool writing. And he's been busy working on an all frog choir for our spring festival coming soon. 

That leaves me to talk to you about... yeppers, WRITING!

Have you been practicing? I have. I found a new place I can write my name and most of the time, it wipes off.

The knight's armor!!

But I'm thinking we should probably keep this from the Queen, too. She has a thing about just writing on paper. BOOOORRRRING!! 

I mean, writing on paper is fine and I like making books and stuff, but sometimes a dragon needs to branch out in his creative endweavors. You know? 

Yeah, so, I've two new ideas for you.

Here's the firstest: 
Did you know there are markers that can write on windows? It's totally awesome-wasome. 

Crayola has them. I love them. I can draw, draw, draw all over the windows and nobody cares. Nobody yells at me. Nobody says, "Don't write there, Dirkus!"

Okay, so, there's that and now here's my secondest idea:
Get out your playdough and make letters. You can even let it dry and make a cool plaque for your cave. Or room. Wherever. 

While I was Googling with Wizard Lex about this subject, we found this nifty site with even more ideas on letter activities. Check out Bees With Honey

Have lots of fun making letters. Later gators!


Eric VanRaepenbusch said...

Wow! Two of our favorite things too -- play-doh and crayola window markers. So much fun!

Jackie Castle said...

It's a great way to work those fine motor muscles which, in turn, helps them with writing.