Monday, March 5, 2012

Tom's Tweet by Jill Esbaum

Welcome to March, dear readers.
Here is a cute story about helping others even when you don't like them very much. I can't help but think about a saying that goes along the lines of: Love your enemy as you love yourself, or something like that. Well, that's what this book is about. Helping someone, even when it's an inconvenience.
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Book Title: Tom's Tweet
Author: Jill Esbaum                                                                                                               
Illustrator: Dan Santat

Book Information:
Publisher and date: Knopf Books for Young Readers (November 8, 2011)
Reading level:Ages 5 and up
Book Info:Hardcover: 32 pages
Genre: Picture book

Book Theme:
Helping others, dedication, facing opposition

Book Summary
Tom is on the hunt for a tasty morning treat when he spies a flip-flapping, fluttery bird just there for the taking. Hello, breakfast! But little Tweet with his big black button eyes is too skinny to eat. Tom is determined to not get involved, but he can't just leave Tweet there . . . frightened, unhappy, alone. Consarn it! It's just Tom's luck to get stuck with a Tweet!

Activity Adventures:

Discussion Questions:
Talk about a time when you helped someone and it turned out to be a lot of trouble. What did you do? How did it all turn out? Share your personal stories with your kids and ask about times they've helped other people. Talk about what happened. If the time didn't turn out well, what ways could you have done something differently? Even if it was a lot of trouble, were you glad you helped anyway? Why?

Why did the mom keep attacking Tom, even when he was trying to be helpful?

What do you think about Tom's solution?

What are ways you can help people? 

Either talk or write about your observations. 

Authors Arena

JILL ESBAUM is the award-winning author of several books for young readers, including Stanza, To the Big Top, Estelle Takes a Bath, and Ste-e-e-e-eamboat A-Comin'!. She lives on a farm near Dixon, Iowa, with her husband and family. She loves visiting schools, as well as teaching adults how to write for children in numerous classes and workshops.

DAN SANTAT is the illustrator of The Secret Life of Walter Kitty by Barbara Jean Hicks, Always Lots of Heinies at the Zoo by Ayun Halliday,Chicken Dance by Tammi Sauer, the Otto Undercover books by Rhea Perlman, and Oh No (Or How My Science Project Destroyed the World) by Mac Burnett. He is also the creator of Disney's animated hit The Replacements, and lives in Southern California with his wife, two kids, a rabbit, a bird, and one cat.


Ali B said...

I'll keep my eye out for this one. Sounds delightful.

Susanna Leonard Hill said...

I haven't read this on yet, but this is the second review I've seen so I guess I better get it from the library :) Jackie, I'm not sure you saw since you didn't post a Perfect Picture Book last week, but you won the February PPBF prize, so please stop by, see your choices, and email me what you want! :)

Jackie Castle said...

It was really cute. I like how he would say stuff like, consarn it. lol.

Jackie Castle said...

Wow, awesome. I'll stop by and check it out. I had seen that the book I posted was already on your list and didn't want to repeat. But thanks for the award and for considering posting Friday's book anyway.

Eric VanRaepenbusch said...

Wow the cover art is stunning!

Jackie Castle said...

It certainly caught my eye sitting on the shelf.