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Stuck by Oliver Jeffers

Happy Friday, friend readers,
The Queen here with a humorous book by author and artist Oliver Jeffers. Stuck is about how to fix your problems by throwing things at it. There's laugh out loud moments and children will enjoy Floyd's attempts to get his kite back from the sticky tree. I've included an video at the end of Jeffers reading from his story.

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Book Title: Stuck
Author: Oliver Jeffers                                                                                                              

Book Information:
Publisher and date:Philomel (November 10, 2011)
Reading level:Ages 3 and up
Book Info:Hardcover: 32 pages
Genre: Humorous stories

Book Theme:
A tale of trying to solve a problem by throwing things at it.

Opening Sentence:
"IT ALL BEGAN when Floyd's kite became stuck in a tree. He tried pulling and swinging, but it wouldn't come unstuck..."

Book Summary
Delightful chaos ensues when a young boy gets his kite stuck up a tree in this laugh-out-loud new picture book from award-winning, internationally best-selling author-illustrator Oliver Jeffers! Floyd gets his kite stuck up a tree. He throws up his shoe to shift it, but that gets stuck too. So he throws up his other shoe and that gets stuck, along with! a ladder, a pot of paint, the kitchen sink, an orang-utan and a whale, amongst other things! Will Floyd ever get his kite back? A hilarious book with a wonderful surprise ending.

Activity Adventures:

Story Telling Suggestions:
Make a felt or magnet tree. Then draw or print the items that get stuck in the tree. (Glue Velcro, felt or magnets to the back of each small picture). As you tell the story, add the visual items. Let the kids have a turn as they re-tell the story themselves while putting the whale, fire truck, ect up in the sticky tree. 

Crafty Ideas:
Construct a paper tree. Cut out pictures from a magazine. See if you can find some of the stuff Floyd threw at his tree.
Squeeze glue onto the tree top. paste the items into the tree.
For added fun, see if you can find some green cottonballs. Use these for the top of the tree instead of coloring it. 

Writing Prompts:
What happened next? Write your prediction from the view point of an item Floyd left up in the tree. Did someone finally come get them down? On the final page, the fireman says, "Hold on a minute, Lads, I've got a great idea." Write out what you think that idea is.

Talk about what items you think Floyd can use to get his kite free.

Authors Arena

Oliver Jeffers is an artist, designer, illustrator and writer from Northern Ireland. He graduated from the University of Ulster with a degree in Visual Communication.

From figurative painting and installation, to illustration and picture-book making, his work has been exhibited in New York, Dublin, London, Sydney, Washington DC, and Belfast.

He is widely known for his picture books for children, published by HarperCollins UK and Penguin USA. How to Catch a Star debuted in 2004 to critical acclaim, and Lost and Found (2005), won the Nestles Smarties Book Prize Gold Medal 2006, the Blue Peter Book Award 2006 and was shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal the same year. The Incredible Book Eating Boy (2007) won the Irish Book Awards Children's Book of the Year, and his fourth Book The Way Back Home was released in September 2007 and The Great Paper Caper was published September 2008.

Jeffers' style of illustration uses mixed medium and is recognised for its subtle narrative and use of space in composition. As a freelance illustrator he has worked for clients such as Orange UK, Lavazza, Sony PSP, RCA Records, Starbucks, candycollective, Blanka, Graphic, the Vacuum and the Irish Times.

Jeffers' artwork consists of figurative painting executed on either canvas or three dimensional objects, both found and made. His most recent solo show (Additional Information, Belfast December 2006) studied the balance between form and content by drawing parallels between the arts and sciences, in which figurative oil paintings were over laid with mathematical equations.

In 2007, Jeffers was the official World Book Day Illustrator.

Enjoy this video of Jeffers reading from his book, Stuck


Julie Hedlund said...

What a great review! I haven't read this book but one of my all-time favorites is The Incredible Book-Eating Boy by Jeffers. Lots of great activity ideas here too!

Susanna Leonard Hill said...

Love Oliver Jeffers and love this book! Great post, love the activities. As I'm sure you saw, it's been reviewed for PPB, but I may link to your review too - it's so good :)