Friday, March 30, 2012

Maddie's Monster Dad by Scott Gibala-Broxholm

Happy Friday dear readers,
The Queen here with a creepy book of monstrous proportions. Maddie's Monster Dad is about Maddie's solution to her ghoulish problem of a too busy dad. You'll laugh and cringe at how her evil genius plan ends up being more than she bargained for.

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The Queen

Book Title: Maddie's Monster Dad
Author and Illustrator: Scott Gibala-Broxholm                                                                                                               

Book Information:
Publisher and date: Marshall Cavendish Childrens Books (July 10, 2011)
Reading level: Ages 4 and up
Book Info: Hardcover: 40 pages
Genre: fiction picture book
ISBN: 978-0761458463

Book Theme: First line
"Maddie loved monsters very scary much. Her favorite color was Godzilla Green."

Book Summary from
Maddie loves monsters. She loves watching monster movies, eating monster cereal, and drawing monster pictures. She also loves doing things with her dad. But lately her dad has been very busy with work, so Maddie decides to use her Build-a-Beast kit to create a Monster Dad that is never too busy to play. It turns out there are some things that monsters can't do, and maybe a Monster Dad isn't as special as the real thing. The illustrations in gouache and pencil contain clever, fun details that children (and adults) will love.

Activity Adventures:

If you could have a monster friend, what would they look like? Draw a picture of them.

Where would they live? Draw a picture of their house and write something about it.

What would your monster friend like to do? Draw a picture of it and write a sentence describing their favorite activity.

What kind of food does your monster friend like to eat? Yep, draw a picture of their favorite dish and make a list of monster foods.

Now, put all your drawings together and make your own monster book. 

Crafty Ideas:
Make a paper bag monster puppet. Use scraps of paper, foil and odd items found around your house to make the monster face. And tape. Lots of tape.

Watch the book trailer video for the fun of it. 

Authors Arena

Scott Gibala-Broxholm is a published author and an illustrator of children's books. Some of the published credits of Scott Gibala-Broxholm include City Witch, Country Switch and Scary Fright, Are You All Right?. 


Eric VanRaepenbusch said...

Sounds like an interesting book. I am interested to read it to see how the author shows that the real DAD is better than a monster DAD. Personally, I think there are days that my kids think I am a MONSTER dad!

Julie Hedlund said...

How I LOVE those first two lines! Great selection!

Jackie Castle said...

Eric, I think all parents have their monster days. I like how they ended the story. I think it would be a great read for your kids. They'll probably get a kick out of it.
Julie, it's always great to find a good book about dads.