Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wizardry Writing Wednesday #16 by Wizard Lexiconi -

Wrapping It Up

Good day fellow scribes. Wizard Lexiconi here as we begin to wrap up our novel writing lessons. 

Last week, we discussed climax and the importance of making your character fight their way through that last, and sometimes deadly, challenge. The climax is the all or nothing moment. Do not let your reader down. 

Some examples are Dorthy facing the Wicked Witch of the West, Harry;s battle against Voldemort, Peter Pan fighting Captain Hook. 

But the story never ends at the climax. Oh no. 
Following is what is referred to as the Denouement, or the Falling Action. It's the part where Dorthy grabs the broom and runs back to the Emerald City so Oz will send her home. During this time, Oz gives each hero what they have desired. 

It's the part after Harry defeats Voldemort and now he must decide on what to do with the remaining Deathly Hollows.

It's also the part after Peter's brave stand when Wendy decides she is ready to go back home and grow up. 

All those loose story threads must be tied up before you get to the final resolution. Or your ending.

Have you made sure all of your story questions have been answered? Did each character get what they deserved? Or found what they sought, or conquered whatever they fought against?

Make sure they do. 

Next week we'll finish up with... well the final chapter. 

Happy Writing, friends.
Let your imagination weave some wacky tales.
Wiz. Lexiconi, Sr. Mage 1st class: Fabulist extraordinaire.

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