Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Resources Fit For Royalty

Welcome back dear reader friends. Today, the Queen will not present another fabulous read, but rather a fabulous resource for finding picture books, and activities to go with them. This week schools and libraries around the United States are participating in Read Across America Week in celebration of Dr. Seuss's birthday.

Susanna Leonard Hill, author of April Fools, Phyllis and Can't Sleep Without Sheep has established Perfect Picture Book Fridays for those looking for ... well, the perfect picture book for any situation.

I wanted to introduce her specifically for the great work she is doing. Hill invites blog book lovers to join in every week. I have added a couple of the books featured here at The Castle Library this past month since finding her wonderful site.  

Perhaps you need a book on a certain subject for your child, or to enhance a curriculum unit in your classroom or homeschool.  Perhaps you're looking for a gift and aren't sure what would be appropriate.
[In the topic list] you will find books listed alphabetically by category and title with suitable ages in parentheses.  Some are older books and some are newer, but every single book is highly recommended.  In addition, they all include resources for expanding their use at home and in the classroom! (from Hill's Perfect Picture Book Page)

Some of the topics you will find are: Acceptance/Tolerance, Adoption, Animals, Behavior, Biography, and more. I think you get it. =0)

Click on over and check out her list when you are writing up your lesson plans, or before you head off to the library or bookstore.

What are you doing to celebrate Read Across America Week? Have you set reading goals with your children? Why not a reading marathon or challenge on who can set a book goal and reach it first? So many fun things are out there to make reading fun!

Happy Reading,
The Queen


Julie Hedlund said...

I'm so glad you are spreading the word about Perfect Picture Book Friday!

Eric VanRaepenbusch said...

Perfect Picture Book Friday is an awesome resource. I look forward to each Friday to see what everyone selects!

For Read Across America Week we have been reading Dr. Seuss books and I get to go into my daughter's 1st grade class to read to them!

Last year we participated in the Picture Book Reading Challenge sponsored by There's a Book. Our goal was to read 200 books in a year and we read over 900!

Jackie Castle said...

Such a great resource. People need to know about it.

Jackie Castle said...

That's awesome Eric. I love the fun things I'd seen you have done with your kids for this week. Happy Reading!