Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wizardry Writing Wednesday #11 by Wizard Lexiconi -

Happy New Year, friends and young scribes. 
Wizard Lexiconi back again with more writing tips and challenges for the new year, but first, I'd like to talk about priorities. 

During this time of New Year Resolutions, of making vows to trim up, work harder, get better grades and stay out of trouble, such as not turning as many pupils into toads and such...

Point is, I want to ask you, where are your priorities? 

Writers must write. If you desire to be a writer, or want to learn to write better, but don't make time for writing a priority, then how will you make that desire happen?

Same goes for reading. Learning to read, loving to read, being an avid reader only improves your life. It expounds your world. It fills your brain with new ideas and information about places you may never be able to physically set your feet. 

However, you must make them a priority. Wait until the right moment comes, and time will slip away. 

Make time everyday to read. I know you hear a thousand times to turn off the television and video games and open a book. And some may even feel the television and video games are more fun. I'm sure they are. I'm not going to tell you to give those things up, but do take time to fit in a bit of reading and writing. I know that you will also find enjoyment in these activities as well. Many, many people love to sit on a sunny veranda (that's a fancy word for porch) or snuggle beneath a comfortable blanket beside a roaring hearth (that's another fancy word for fireplace) and get lost in a story. Or to even create an adventure in words of your own. 

Give it a try. Start with a few minutes every day. Start by setting a timer for 15 minutes a day. Write in a journal before you go to bed. Just do it. 

You are the only one who can make that happen.

Next week we will get back to work on novel writing. I believe we left off with writing scenes. 
I would have continued our lessons during the holidays but do you know how hard it is to find presents for my many, many toad friends? I have many that I've turned into frogs, you know. 

Happy Writing, friends.
Let your imagination weave some wacky tales. 
Wiz. Lexiconi, Sr. Mage 1st class: Fabulist extraordinaire.


Anonymous said...

Making writing a priority is a huge resolution for me this year. My husband (also a writer) and I have set aside time on the calendar as writing time so we know we'll stick to it. Otherwise it's so easy to get distracted by tv/facebook/chores.

Jackie Castle said...

I have to not only schedule in time to write, but assign what I will work on during that time. If I don't, then my head is spinning with all the projects I have "started" and not finished. I just sit there dumbfounded and waste that time. lol.