Friday, December 2, 2011

Hand Book by Jeff Newman

Happy Friday reader friends! The Queen here with a "hands down" cute little book about... well, hands. The story begins with first one, then two baby hands and progresses to those hands that go on from clapping, to waving good-bye as they go to school, tossing hands at graduation and on to meeting someone special and holding on. The book comes to full circle when the hand cycle starts again.  

Book Title: Hand Book
Author and Illustrator: Jeff Newman                                                                                                                

Book Information:
Publisher and date: Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers, August 2011
Reading level:  P - 3
Book Info: Hardcover, 40 pages
Genre: Fiction Picture Book
ISBN: 10: 1416950133

Book Theme:
Hands reach.
Hands teach.
Hands tell stories of life and love.

The Queen's Summary
The text is easy to read and the repetitive style great for even the youngest readers. However, the concept behind some of the pictures such as "Hands toss" at graduation, and "Hands cross." when searching the job ads might be hard for young kids to fully comprehend. Perhaps the parent or teacher could ask what the child thinks is going on, and starting from the feedback given, go on to explain the meaning behind some of the more difficult concepts in this book.

Other than that, I loved the simple words and pictures. I think kids will enjoy discussing how their hands will change as they grow older. 

Activity Adventures:

Young Readers:
Let young children explore what their hands can do. Provide paints, markers and even play dough. Take pictures of your child's hands as they explore these different mediums. Make a book from the photos on all the wonderful ways hands can be useful to us. 

Older Readers:
Have older children write sentence to go along with the pictures of their hands. 

Crafty Ideas:
Sketch pictures of people's hands. 

Discussion Questions:
Compare your family's hands. How are they different? How are they the same? Discuss the changes hands go through as a person grows up. 

Authors Arena

Author and illustrator Jeff Newman.

From the bookflap:
Newman is the author and illustrator of  Reginald: Hippo! No, Rhino; and The Boys. He grew up in Ashland, Massachusetts, and currently lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with his wife and son.

If you'd like to see more of his illustrations, and check out his blog, look over at Newman Pictures.

Read the interview with Newman over at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast. 

And another interview over here at Bottom Shelf Books. This one has a for real picture of the author and illustrator, though I think his drawings are fabulous. 

Be sure to check out some of this other works and let us know what you think.
Happy Reading!
The Queen

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