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Lucky For Good by Susan Patron

Good Afternoon lucky readers!
The Queen here with another fun read. Lucky for Good by Susan Patron is the third in her Lucky series which include: The Higher Power of Lucky and Lucky Breaks.

Publisher and date: Atheneum Books for young readers: August 9, 2011
Reading level: Grade 4-6
Book Info: 203 pages
Genre: Fiction – mid-reader
ISBN: 978-1-4169-9058-1

Book Summary
The residents of Hard Pan, California, come together to help Brigitte and Lucky when the Country Health Department threatens to close down the CafĂ©, and in the meantime, Mile’s life is complicated by his mother’s return. (From the book)

Adventure Activities:
There's a whole activity list on Patron's website under the teacher's link.
Most of the activities are for earlier books, but there should be a couple of ideas parents can pull for this book.

What stood out the most to me, was Lucky's thoughts on irony. What a great time to introduce this concept and what it means.

There was also a lot of discussion about religion and how different people work out their own beliefs. Lucky and Miles are both fans of Darwin and his history, and this comes in conflict with Justine's (Mile's mother's religious beliefs).

Discuss with your kids about your own beliefs. Let them write their thoughts in their reading journals. (Do they have one? Oh, but they would benefit so much from having one!)

Lucky loved science. Use this book as a jump start on researching desert life. Compare Lucky's home to where you live. Comparisons can be made using a T-chart or Venn Diagram.

Lastly, Lucky had to make a family tree which meant she had to contact relatives she's never met before and she had to face her feelings about her estranged father. Encourage your kids to make their own family tree. Lucky picked a Joshua tree to represent her prickly family. What kind of tree would represent yours?

Have fun with these activities!

Author's Arena:
Susan Patron specialized in Children's Services for 35 years at the Los Angeles Public Library before retiring in 2007, the same year her novel The Higher Power of Lucky was awarded the John Newbery Medal. As the library's Juvenile Materials Collection Development Manager, she trained and mentored children's librarians in 72 branches. Patron has served on many book award committees, including the Caldecott and Laura Ingalls Wilder Committees of the American Library Association. She is currently a member of the Advisory Board of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. (from
Illustrator: Erin McGuire

Erin McGuire isChildren's book Illustrator Concept Artist at Reel FX Studios who lives in Dallas Texas. 
(My neck of the woods)

I couldn't find much information on her, but she does have a terrific blog that displays her beautiful artwork and chronicles some of her publishing adventures. 

Take time out to click the link above for her portfolio and her blog to see what she's up to. Below is one of the drawings from Lucky for Good. She has more books about to be released. 

Other Works by Susan and Erin:

Written by Susan Patron

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Illustrated by Erin McGuire
The Lucky Series

I hope you enjoy Lucky for Good. Don't forget to return on Wednesday for Wizard Lexiconi's next writing lesson. 

Happy Reading Friends,
The Queen

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