Friday, September 2, 2011

Over At The Castle - Author's Arena

Author: Boni Ashburn
Boni Ashburn has lived in Connecticut, Ohio, Illinois and Colorado, but now lives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. She writes books for children. She is the author of Hush, Little Dragon and Over At The Castle, as well as several other forthcoming titles, including I Had A Favorite Dress (August, 2011).

Ashburn has always had a love for reading and even teaching, but never for writing. It wasn't until after her children were born and she would read hundreds of pictures books for them, that a love for writing bloomed. Now, it's not so hard. She actually enjoys it. A lot. 

Don't give up! Writing is hard, but the more you write, the better you get. 

Head over to Boni Ashburn's coloring pages and print up your own page to color.

Illustrator: Kelly Murphy

Bio from Murphy's website:
Kelly Murphy is an award-winning illustrator and animator working predominantly with traditional and mixed media. Born and raised in southeastern Massachusetts, USA, she studied illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design, her student work receiving distinction from The Society of Illustrators. Since earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1999, Kelly has been actively freelancing across the various fields of editorial illustration, picture books and poster illustration as well as character design for both the film and toy industry.

An accomplished children's book author and illustrator, Kelly's books have been published by worldwide leading publishing houses, her twelfth picture book released in 2011.

Check out her website at the many wonderful artworks she has posted from many of her books. Take a look at her character designs and sketches, along with the store where she sells some of her works. 

Also look at some of these other books by Kelly Murphy:

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