Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day - Saying Goodbye to Summer

Good Day my loyal subjects-
The Queen here with something a bit different. Since today is Labor Day in America, I've decided to first share a little on what this holiday is about. It is more than a day off from school- for those who've already started- or a day of picnicking, camping or in general lollygagging around.

Labor Day was declared a national holiday back in 1894 and always comes on the first Monday of September. The holiday offers tributes to the working class of America who have brought strength, prosperity and helped with the well-being of our country. Though not everyone gets the day off, this holiday is meant to give workers a much needed rest and a pat on the back for all they've done to make America the great country it is.

Parents of young children and home-schoolers can use this week to discuss community workers and talk about occupations children can aspire to be when they grow up. Help your child think about their strengths and what they love doing. Are they artist, writers, Lego builders? Do they love digging in the earth? Playing on the computer? All these skills or hobbies can one day be turned into a occupation. Finding what you love to do, and doing it for a living, makes life more enjoyable.

Help your children find what they love to do and aim them in that direction.

Here are some places you can visit for Fun Activities to do this week:

Enchanted Learning has many books, games and projects to do with Community Helpers

Labor Day Weekend has several printable word games.

The Food Network has some really yummy dishes to make in celebration for Labor Day

Lastly, find some fun events that might be going on in your neighborhood. Most of all, take time to gather with friends and family and simply enjoy the day.

Happy merrymaking!
The Queen


Hilarey said...

Great ideas, thanks.

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