Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cloudette - Activity Adventure Wednesday

Welcome back for Activity Adventure Wednesday. Today, we'll be "brainstorming" some fun to go along with the book Cloudette by Tom Lichtenburg.

For Young Readers:
Provide blue construction paper. Draw a scene along the bottom of the paper, such as a city, or other place you love to go. Glue cotton for clouds. Make one particular one Cloudette. Use a thin sharpie to draw on her face. Encourage or help youngsters write about what Cloudette is doing in the picture. 

Cloud mobile 
Any age might be willing to do this nifty craft. Draw a cloud shape on white paper using a thick sharpie. Lay two sheets together and cut out cloud. Tape all around the edges, leaving a space open for stuffing. Fill cloud up with scrap paper and close.

Color your cloud with blue pencil or watercolors. The cloud can be secured to a craft stick and turned into a puppet, or hung from a window. Add a face. You now have your own little Cloudette.

Take it a step further. Teach children about the different kinds of cloud formations such as cirrus, stratus and cumulus. See Enchanted Learning and DLTK for cloud coloring pictures and lessons. 

Older Readers:
Where did cloudette come from? Study how clouds are formed. The names of different types of clouds.The link to Enchanted Learning also had specific grade level lessons. Create your own All About Clouds book.

Spend a afternoon cloud watching. Paint or draw the clouds you see in the sky. What types of shapes did you see? Were there animals? Objects? Can you paint or draw a picture to show what kind of clouds you saw? Try it. Take your paper and some thick poster or acrylic paint and blue paper. See what kind of masterpieces you can create.

Here's something fun. How to find and make Cloudette video.

Come back on Friday to meet the author Tom Lichtenheld. Learn what inspires him to write his books.

Happy Reading.


Brimful Curiosities said...

My kids and I read Cloudette earlier this year. Just like Lichtenheld, we made watercolor "Cloudette" clouds using rain water from a puddle. The kids enjoyed creating their artwork project outside (and of course, playing in the puddle.)

Jackie Castle said...

It sounded like it would be a fun project. Thanks so much for stopping by.