Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Over At The Castle - Activity Adventures

Book Theme: counting, rhyme, castles, dragons, middle-ages

Activity Ideas for Over At The Castle
Young Readers:
Count the people on each page.

Find the music for Over in the Meadow and sing the book. Let children say the numbers.

Older Readers:
Make up your own rhyming book with the Over In The Meadow pattern.

Over in the (noun -place), on the (adjective- describe where this place is)
Lived the (noun- who?) and the little (noun-there’s always a baby or someone else) one (two, three as the story progresses)
“(the older one says something.)” says the (who). “(Answers the other one.)” says the one.
So they (verb- what are the two doing?) all day in the (repeat first adjective).

There you go. Follow this pattern and make up your own story. Please do share what you come up with in the comments section. I think this will be fun.

Writing Prompts:
Pick a page in the book and write a short story scene with dialogue between the people in the picture and a description of what they are doing. Do they know the dragons are near? Are they worried?  

Crafty Ideas:
Make a dragon puppet from a sock or paper sack.

Make your own story world.
Make your own castle from a cardboard box from Enchanted Learning.

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