Friday, August 19, 2011

I Wonder - How God Made Me - Author's Arena

Hello once again, good friends. Welcome back to The Castle Library's Author's Arena Friday.

This week, we've featured Mona Hodgson's I Wonder How God Made Me
, one of several in her I Wonder Series

Mona Hodgson,  who lives in Arizona, began her writing journey kind of like Jonah began his ministry in Ninevah. On her website you'll find the complete story. But let's just say, the writing bug got her. She felt God pushing her toward becoming a author. Unfortunately,as most writers, fear and doubt crept in and she went into nursing instead. Or tried. Of course, being that she was supposed to be a writer, it didn't work.
Fortunately for us, she is now writing. And not only wonderful children's books, but she also loves writing historical fiction as well. 

On her website, young and old writers can find a resource page full of interesting information and helpful guides in writing manuscripts and children's books. She has written articles, poems for Pockets Magazine, and short stories for Clubhouse jr. She has leveled readers, picture books and kids devotionals one can choose from as well.  

Along with all this, Mona offers classes and speaking engagements at conferences, schools and libraries. 

That's one busy writer! 

So, my young scribe and reader friends,
Is there something you really want to do? Something you dream of becoming? Don't let fear get the better of you. We've all been created to be something special. God made each of us for a unique purpose with specific talents to become what God wants us to become. Just like Mona's book teaches us. 

Don't be afraid. Aim for that dream and don't give up until you've seen it through. 

We all need your special talents. Just like we need great writers to tell us wonderful stories. The way we need artist to make those stories come to life. And the way we need readers to enjoy those stories. 

Be all you're meant to be. 

And happy reading!
The Queen. 

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