Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Wonder - How God Made Me Activity Adventures

Hello Again!
The Queen here with another adventure in reading for our young book worms.

Monday I introduced Mona Hodgson's book I Wonder How God Made Me. This is one of several in her I Wonder series of stories where young Jared asks questions about God and His world that many children may have asked at one time or another.

This week's book, I Wonder How God Made Me focuses on the theme of how we were created. Each question posed by Jared, is an opportunity for parents or Sunday School Teachers to show that God not only made our physical bodies, but he designed each of us with unique and important talents, looks and personalities that are to be used in His kingdom and for His glory.

Activity Suggestions: 

I Am Unique
Using butcher paper, draw an outline of the child's body. Cut out a heart from construction paper and write on it the scripture from Psalm 139 provided in the book. Glue the heart in the center of the body.

Discuss: When God created our innermost being, he put special, unique qualities in us. Help your child name those things that make him or her different from everyone else. They will probably talk about their hair and eye color. Let them color or add those items on the body cut out. Encourage them to dig deeper and seek out their special gifts and qualities, such as making people laugh, being a good helper, being good at math or reading. Keep brainstorming. Loving mommy and daddy. Loving God. Loving friends. Taking care of a pet.

Look at what talents this child has: dancing, singing, drawing...
Go to magazines and cut out words that describe the child. Beautiful. Charming. Happy. Glue these on the arms and legs.

When the body cutout is completed, hang it up somewhere where they can see how special they are to you and to God.

For younger children, print out a body-shape outline for them to color in. Write words that you think describes them around the border of the picture. Let them draw in the face and features. Talk to them about how God made them special.

Bake Cookies
While putting all the ingredients in to make a batch of cookies, talk about how each items by itself doesn't really taste very good. And if an ingredient is left out, the cookies might not come out the way they are supposed to. For instance, what if you left out the flour? It's white, powdery and taste bland. There's nothing really great about flour. Besides, it makes a big mess.

But if you get rid of the flour, what will happen to the cookies? Mix up all the liquid ingredients and ask your child if they think the cookies will back right? Can you roll this into balls? Nope. It's not right.
Flour is important.

What if you left out the chocolate chips? Then it wouldn't be a chocolate chip cookie, would it?

Every ingredient in the recipe is important in making the final product.
The same goes for every part that God has put into us. Every freckle, every funny shaped ear... every hair on our head is important to God. He even knows the number of hairs we have!

Read the book while the cookies are baking. Let your child know that God designed each of us in a certain, unique way so that we aren't all the same. And even the parts we don't really care about, or like, make us who we are. And we are special to God and important in His kingdom.

Taking the lessons in the book a step further:
After reading the book, do a study on the human body. It's an amazing creation!

Write a story about what the world might be like if we were all the same, made from an assembly line machine like robots. How would we tell each other apart? How would our world look? Are you thankful that God designed us all differently?

Carve soap creations. Make your own animal, or being from a bar of soap.

Be sure to leave a comment about any of the activities you tried and how they worked out for you.

Happy Reading,
The Queen.

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