Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Horton Halfpott: Book Adventure Wednesday

Hello Friends,
The Queen here, back for more Horton Halfpott fun.
You'll remember our hero Horton, who has been blamed for the missing Luggertuck's family heirloom, the Lump. (which really is a lump. A lump of what? Well, you don't find out until the end. Guess you'll have to read it.)

Today, I have a few activities for you to do while (and after) reading the book. You'll need to get out your reading journal, some pens, markers, and oh, a wooden spoon.

First Activity: 
Look at the drawings of the Map of Smugwick Manor and Envorons. (You'll find it on the first few pages). Also check out the Horton Halfpott site for some sketches the author Tom Angleberger created while writing the book. He went through several sketches until he came up with Smugwick Manor.

Draw your own version of the Manor, and the surrounding lands. Make notes of some of your favorite parts of the story.

Take it a step further and make a map of your own house and add some special details such as hidden nooks where you can hide things, or memories you are fond of. You can even add details that aren't really there, but you wish there was. Like a special escape route for when Mom wants you to do the dishes.

Second Activity:
This idea was also found on the Horton Halfpott site. A group of kids made Miss Neversly out of wooden spoons. This can be taken a step further. Make all the characters out of spoons, or out of craft sticks. Use yarn for hair. Draw in their faces on the spoon. Then play out your favorite parts of the story.

Third Activity:
Write the further adventures of the Shipless Pirates. Did they ever get a ship, you think? How? What could they do instead if they never find a new ship? What would make a good substitute?
Write your own continuing story with these characters.

I hope you are having fun with this book. See you back here on Friday to learn more about Tom Angleberger and his other books. You'll need to bring some paper. Lots of it. Oh, and maybe a light saber if you have one.

Happy Reading,
The Queen

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