Friday, July 8, 2011

Writing Games: Scribes having fun

Welcome back my loyal subjects. The Queen here to bring you more marvelous activities to encourage your young scribes to get out their quill and ink and let's get to writing! 

There are many ways to tell a story, from speaking it out, to drawing a series of pictures that detail a plot line, to writing the actual words. Here are some fun ways you can get your children writing this summer.

Word Collecting
You’ll want a book that has at least 26 pages and will fit in a purse or pocket. Whenever you go out on errands, challenge your children to write down as many new words as they can find. They must be words they’ve never seen before. They have to write them on the correct letter page, and not crowd the words together.

When you get home, give your child a dictionary. Make it a game. For every so many new words and definition, give them prizes. 

Round-Robin Stories
Play the what-if game, using writing prompts. The prompt might be, “A dragon walked into the library one day….”

This can be played with a group of children, or as a family. Even young ones can get involved if mom or dads will dictate their portion of the story.

Each participant starts with a long sheet of blank paper. At the top, copy the writing prompt that starts the story. Set a timer for 10 minutes. During that time, players write the story without stopping to think about it. They have to free-flow write, or write without thinking. No editing or rewriting. Just write. When the timer goes off, everyone switches papers. Make sure each player has one turn at every page. Set the timer again for three minutes so players have a chance to read what was written in the first session. Set the timer again for 10 minutes, and everyone picks up the story where the last person left off. By time all the stories circle around, you will have several wildly different and often hilarious stories to read out to each other. 

On-Line Ideas:
Here are some adventure places I found while traveling the dark and twisting roads of the Internet. Sure, I came across a few trolls and goblins, but I also found some fantastic treasures on my journey. Lucky for you, because I'm so fond of my loyal subjects, I will share them here with you. Enjoy!

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Story Stones to help young storytellers: A Happy Wanderer - Story Stones

Over at I Can Teach My Child, there's a post on Vertical Writing With Window Crayons. Make sure you read the comments for tips on clean up. 

Thank you for visiting the Castle today. Do come back next week when the Queen will be sharing a new book called, Charlie the Ranch Dog by Ree Drummond. I expect we'll have a howling good time. 

Happy Reading, 
The Queen

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a happy wanderer said...

thank you for including me in your list! i love the idea of the round robin story telling... i think we can even find ways to use with our young little guy, too!