Monday, July 18, 2011

The Wolf of Tebron: Book Introduction

Publisher and date: Living Ink Books/ 2010 (
Book Info: Paperback: 272 pages
Genre: YA fantasy fiction
Ages: suggested 14-18+ years (Maybe for mature 12+ if parents read the book, too, to help in understanding of some deep subjects such as depression and marital infidelity, for example)

ISBN: 978-0-89957-877-4

Author: C.S. Lakin

Book Summary from Amazon:
A young blacksmith must undertake a perilous journey to the four ends of the world to rescue his wife, who is held captive by the Moon. Along the way, he befriends a powerful wolf who encourages, protects, and ultimately sacrifices his life to save his human friend. A stirring allegory of Gods love in classic fairy tale tradition.

Queen’s Take on the Book:
Simply put, I found this book enchanting. I also found it engaging. Even engrossing. Joran’s journey, as he takes us from his mundane “safe” life, into the beauty of the  mystical and magical, kept me turning page after page. In the true meaning of “fairytale” Lakin opens a beautiful world full of danger and treachery. And the danger comes from within the main character as he deals with his own treachery of misunderstanding and reckless anger. The deep spiritual truths are there for the taking, for those who wish to see them. Yet, they are not so overpowering as to turn away the general reader.

There is much to be taken from this book, slice by slice, piece by piece, and bite by bite. Way too much even for the Queen’s banquet table. Here is a book you will want to read, then share and discuss with others as you dig deep into the many hidden truths found within the pages.

Discussion Questions:
I’ll not post any here because the author provides some great discussion questions at the end of the book. However, here are some things to consider while reading this book.

While reading, consider how this story connects deeply with our need for story in our lives. Why is story so important to mankind?  Does the story connect with your own life’s journey? If so, in what way?

Can you see the Christian elements in the story? How might you see God’s relationship with man played out in this fairytale?

Come back Wednesday for some Activity Adventures with the Wolf of Tebron. On Friday, we will meet C.S. Lakin, the author of this story and others in the series. 

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