Friday, July 22, 2011

Wolf of Tebron: Author's Arena

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Today we get the meet the creator of Tebron and many other fantasy world. Be sure to read her writings about why writing fantasy is important.  
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The Queen

C. S. Lakin

C. S. Lakin lives in Los Angeles and has published several novels. She currently works as a freelance copyeditor and writing coach while teaching workshops on writing at conferences. She has written articles about writing and on the importance of fantasy on several websites.

Lakin explains on her website that the main reason she began writing the Gates of Heaven Series was because of a small book written by G. K. Chesterton called Orthodoxy. In that book Chesterton says that fairy tales have a specific order or rule that they all follow. These rules mirror our own existence in this world. And for this reason, she states, fairy tales have a way of resonating deep in our souls. 

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