Friday, July 1, 2011

Squirrel's World - Author's Arena

You've met Squirrel.... And Rabbit, Mouse and Turtle...

Now meet the creator behind these wonderful creatures. 

Lisa Moser- Children's Book Author

Lisa loves:
-Sundays and church.
-the smell of a leather softball glove on a hot, summer day.
-a new box of crayons.
-chocolate cake, chocolate cookies, chocolate pie, chocolate
candy bars and chocolate ice cream. If they made chocolate meatloaf, I'd eat that, too!
-playing sports. Softball, tennis, volleyball and golf are some of my favorites.
-going on vacations and flying in an airplane.
-playing dolls with my daughter.
-looking at Lake Michigan. It’s so big, it reminds me of the ocean.
-being a children’s book author. It’s a great blessing.
(taken from author's website)

Lisa says on her website that one day she watched as a squirrel energetically played all around her backyard while a rabbit sat very still the whole time. These two very different characters prompted the idea for her book, Squirrel's World 

See? Story ideas are all around you if you'll look at the world with your writer's glasses on. Take a look around and see what stories are out there waiting for you to write about! 


The Book Chook said...

Stories ARE all around, and glad I am to be part of that! Love your promotion of children's literature and literacy and welcome to the kidlitosphere!

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