Friday, July 15, 2011

Charlie the Ranch Dog - Author's Arena

Ree Drummond
Biography from publisher's website
Ree Drummond began blogging in 2006 and has built an award-winning website, where she shares recipes, showcases her photography, and documents her hilarious transition from city life to ranch wife. She is the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling cookbook The Pioneer Woman Cooks. Ree lives on a working cattle ranch near Pawhuska, Oklahoma, with her husband, Ladd; their four kids; their beloved basset hound; and lots of other animals.

Ree Drummond  began writing her award-winning blog called The Pioneer Woman  to chronicles her transition from city girl to country pioneer wife and mom. It helped her make the adjustment, and gave her something fun to do.

Do you keep a journal? Sometimes, writing helps you see things that are going on in your life a little differently. Try it. Spend time at the end of the day thinking about everything that happened. Don't settle for telling yourself that your life is boring. You only find the extraordinary and adventure when you really look for it. Did a younger sibling say something silly? Do something silly? Get you into trouble? Did your parents? Did you? There's always something. Write it! 

Who knows where your words will take you. Look where they've taken Ree Drummond.

Diane deGroat

BIOGRAPHY from publisher's website

Diane deGroat is the illustrator of more than 120 children's books and the author-illustrator of bestselling books, including Ants in Your Pants, Worms in Your Plants; April Fool! Watch Out at School!; Mother, You're the Best! (But Sister, You're a Pest!); Last One in is a Rotten Egg!; and the New York Times bestseller Roses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink. Diane lives in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Diane deGroat grew up in a time when there were no computers, video games and the tv was only in black and white and you had to get up to change the channels.

Yet, since the first grade, she had a love for drawing on the sidewalk outside her home, getting her school work done so she could visit the art center. She loved the smells and squishy feels of poster paints and from that time on, was the kid in class who knew how to draw.

Like many of the other artist I've featured here, nearly all report to having a love for art from their early grades in school. Maybe you feel a thrill when the art teacher says you'll get to paint today. Maybe you draw little figures on your notes and worksheet. If you do, maybe you are in the makings of becoming an artist someday that will delight children just like deGroat does.

Check out her website for her own complete story and for some fun things to do like coloring pages and information on how she makes her paintings for children's books in the FAQ page.

If drawing or painting gets you energized. Get a notebook or make your own drawing book by stapling several sheets of blank paper together. Draw the things you see, the things you imagine. You never know where your pictures may take you. Look where they've taken Diane DeGroat.

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