Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Charlie The Ranch Dog - Activity Adventures

Welcome back to The Castle, good friends. Today, we have some down-on-the-ranch fun for you. 

Of course, as always, get out your journals, crayons, markets and imaginations and let's have some fun adventures!

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Charlie the Ranch Dog

Charlie the Ranch Dog describes himself as having big paws, short legs, droopy eyes and long, dangling ears. (Remember the list you made from Monday about each character's characteristics? You might want to pull that back out.)
He not only describes his looks, he describes where he lives - the ranch - and what he does - works hard (a-hem, just humor him, all right?) 

Writing Prompt
Developing Character: Here's what I want you to do. On a clean sheet of paper, draw a sketch of yourself. Make it nice and color it in. Think about all those things that make you... well, you. Maybe you don't have long, dangling ears and droopy eyes... unless you are a basset hound reading this...? 

But I bet your hair is a certain length and color. So are your eyes, a certain shape and color. 
After you've drawn how you look, get another sheet of paper and write out a list of words that describe you. Yes, you can list words about how you look, but go deeper than that. Where in the world do you live? What do you like to do? What are you like? Are you lovable, a prankster, joker, bully, friend... what?

Okay, now you can play a game. Have the whole family or a group of friends do this. Pile all the description papers into one pile. Everyone holds their pictures face down on their lap. One person picks a description paper and begins to read it. Everyone has a chance to make guesses until the right character picture is "found." Keep going until everyone's pictures has been matched to the list description. 

There might be more words that others can help you add that you missed out on. Write those down, too.
This is how character descriptions in books are often started. You have just completed one on yourself and I bet, you are one interesting character! 

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Have fun. Leave a comment about which activity you did. I'd love to see pictures, too. Send an email. 
Happy Reading,
the Queen

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