Monday, July 25, 2011

Author's Visit Schools... Skype Style

Good afternoon, loyal friends and dragons.
(I received an email last week that the dragons were feeling sorely ignored in my weekly post. So there you go.)

Queen here, this week there will not be the usual book feature. Instead, I'd like to let you in on an unusual opportunity for teachers, librarians and schools.

Laurel Snyder has written a book titled Bigger Than a Bread Box, which is about a magical breadbox that delivers whatever you wish for- as long is it fits inside. When twelve-year-old Rebecca finds the magical box in her Gran's attic, it makes life away from home and her separated parents much easier for awhile. Then, the box begins to make everything more difficult as she has to decide not just where, but who she wants to be.

This sounds like a thought provoking novel.

So here is the author's purposed plan: 

I hereby announce my CRAZY PLAN.  I am going to come and visit YOUR SCHOOL, via skype, and meet with your students. I plan to talk about being an author, writing for kids, revising and editing, my favorite books, and specifically– about how BIGGER THAN A BREAD BOX took me thirty years to write.  I plan to read a little bit from the book, and field questions from interested students.
THEN I plan to followup with students who might be interested in writing, or asking more questions, via email.
Sound good?

For more details on this intriguing plan, check out Laurel Snyder's site. The best thing is that the first 100 teachers or schools to contact her will get a free copy of the book! Wowzers!! (As my dragon friends would say.)

There's more!  
Hey, this is The Castle Library, there is always something more.

The person behind this grand scheme is Kate Messner. She has found that virtual classroom visits are a great way to connect authors with readers. Many authors will Skype for free since there is no cost of traveling or providing worksheets or other items.

Check out her site, as well, to see if there are other authors you'd like to have a virtual visit with.

The Queen thinks this is a most astonishing concept that she has heard in awhile. And knowing how many classroom now have a smart board technology, it's almost like the author is right there in the class with you. This is something a tech savvy teacher or librarian will want to check into.

Well, that's it for today my loyal subjects. Please do return on Wednesday for some bookish news and goings on that are sure to be quiet enlightening. On Friday, I would like to speak with parents about how to  make the hard choices on what your children read. My little prince and princess sometimes bring books to the castle that I'm just not sure are appropriate for royal minds. Come back Friday for a discussion on when is it best to just close a book and when should you leave the pages open.

Happy reading!
The Queen

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